April 2006 Questions

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From: Joseph Ferguson

 Subject: January 1999 answers?

Date 04/01/2006 11:30:13 AM

You once told someone to check your Jan 1999 answers for questions about White House Vinegar. On your website, the old archives don't go back quite that far. How can I access jan 99? Thanks. 

Joe Virginia

Some links are below

 I remember a complete answer but I cannot find a January 1999 set of questions. Digger

Questions I get I don't have any idea about antique bottles, but I have an old "looking" White house vinegar bottle. It is clear glass with a floral design all around it. ...

www.bottlebooks.com/questions/Dec2000/december_2000_questions_ask_digg.htm Similar pages May 2000 Questions The bottle is attractive and almost certainly a competitor of the White House vinegar products sold in jugs that are very similar. I would estimate the date ...

www.bottlebooks.com/questions/May2000/may_2000_questions.htm December Questions White house vinegar bottle patent no 650 with 7 peneding handles on top flowers around base what ... There are a couple of books out on White House bottles. ...

www.bottlebooks.com/questions/December%201999/december_questions.htm MAY 2003 QUESTIONS I also have a White house vinegar bottle that is spouted and has embossed (raised) replica of the white house on it. Have you ever seen one of these? ...

www.bottlebooks.com/questions/May2003/may_2003_questions.htm- July 2001 Questions Ask Digger Digger Odell Publications If you log on Ebay and do a search for "White House" in the bottle area on any day you'll find quite a variety of the products being offered that were ...

 www.bottlebooks.com/questions/July%202001/july_2001_questions_ask_digger_d.htm February 2000 Questions Looking for any info on WHITE HOUSE VINEGAR bottle shaped like a lighthouse. The only thing I can find is that it was somehow connected to the Worlds Fair. ... www.bottlebooks.com/questions/February%202000/february_2000_questions.htm

February 2002 Questions Ask Digger Digger Odell Publications Hello, I have a old bottle on the bottom is says White house Vinegar patent pending. How old is it & is it worth anything? Debra Huss Can you tell me ...





From: candy crump

 Subject: Question

Date 04/01/2006 3:10:58 PM

Hi I was wondering if you could help me? The pictures in the attach files I was wondering their worth. Ones information is Seagrams V. O. Canadian whiskey made in 1954 and is 86. 6 proof I can't find no information on this and the other bottle is Marchio Nazionale Vinto Santo white wine Product Casa Vento Made in italy collectors item Vento wine thats what the bottom says. So if you could help me find the value of these's That would be great. Thank you Candy Crump

Here's the story: Vento bottles


From: helen

 Subject: Pope John Paul II Liquor Bottle

Date 04/01/2006 3:52:15 PM

I have a Pope John Paul II Liquor Bottle distributed by John Wayne Distilling Company. My father-in-law gave it to me before he passed away and told me it should be valuable because the Catholic Church made the company withdraw the bottles very shortly after they were issued. There is a small plaque at the base of the bottle saying it is decorated in 23 karat gold. Never been opened and have the original box also, is it worth anything and where do I go to sell these types of things? Helen


From: PAM

McReynolds lds

Subject: Found Bottle

Date 04/01/2006 4:22:44 PM

Hi, I don't think my bottle is anything special but I just wondered about a couple of things once I cleaned it. It's clear, about two inches tall, slightly oval shaped with a seam running from top to bottom. The lip is small and it appears to have had a stopper of some sort since there are no threads. After careful scrutiny, I see that the clear glass has swirls in it and when you hold it a certain way it appears opalescent. What causes both of these features? I found it under our old ranch house. We will be demolishing it in a few months and I will be looking carefully for more bottles. A section of the house was built in 1880.  Thanks for any general info you can give me.  PAM



From: Frank Giganti et

 Subject: Bottle, Old or Newer?

Date 04/01/2006 6:40:41 PM

Hello Digger. Found this bottle when playing with the metal detector today. Clear glass, marked Duraglas twice near the bottom and has the following markings on the base: The numbers 9 and 2 are on either side of a diamond with an oval with an I inside the oval. Under that is the number 12.  Two seams run from the base of the bottle to just under where the cap would screw on. Picture attached.  Thanks for any insight. Frank


From: Rusty Fries es

 Subject: bottle info

Date 04/01/2006 7:03:22 PM

Thank you for your time, I have a bottle that I cant find any info on, i`ve been looking for months an no leads, it looks just like a Biedenharm Hutch (coke) bottle. Sorry for no pic, it`s aque green, 6 3/4 high, 2 1/2 around, it`s round, the base looks like a iorn pontil w/no rust, it`s a blob top, it has a raised cercle and in it says C. L. ELWICK LINCONLN, NEB. Thank you for the help, RUSTY FRIES  Thank you for your time, I have a bottle that I cant find any info on, i`ve been looking for months an no leads, it looks just like a Biedenharm Hutch (coke) bottle. Sorry for no pic, it`s aque green, 6 3/4 high, 2 1/2 around, it`s round, the base looks like a iorn pontil w/no rust, it`s a blob top, it has a raised cercle and in it says C. L. ELWICK ; LINCONLN, NEB. ; Thank you for the help, RUSTY FRIES


From: John Craig G4on

 Subject: box of coke bottles

Date 04/01/2006 9:39:02 PM

I have found an old apple box that is completely full of old coke bottles in a storage room that my parents had. How does one find out if there is any value to these. Are there numbers, letters, or maybe even a book I could purchase that would help me. Also found some old medicine bottles in a small medicine cabinet that my father had built years ago. Would appreciate it very much if you could give me an idea on a good book that would help me on this. Just don't want to make a mistake on these if there is any value to them. Thank you. Carolyn craig.


From: Jonathan M. Ritter let

 Subject: Jug

Date 04/02/2006 11:22:41 AM

I have a large, bulbous ceramic / stoneware jug which I believe was used to hold Vermont maple syrup. It is light brown / beige, with handle and a large / thick collar for a cork. It is labeled "F. Woodworth, Barrington, Vt. ", with a large number "2" over the large blue letters. The circular ridges on the bottom may indicate it was hand made on a potters wheel. It was retrieved from the bottom of a lake in an old New England town. It has no major flaws, just a couple small chips. Thank you for any info. you can offer.  John.


From: Edward & Irene MacLean

 Subject: bottle

Date 04/02/2006 1:20:02 PM

Hello Digger, The bottle I have is screw top, rectangular shape, clear in color, nine and a half inches tall and reads " dominion manufacturers limited Toronto, Ont. concentrated embalming fluid" all in capitals. on the opposite side it reads "contents 16 fl. ozs. " and measures 1-15 fluid ozs. on the side. On the bottom it has a sideways diamond with a D in the middle standing for the dominion glass company. I have read in a book they took over a factory around 1905 in Toronto. Any information on it's history, age, rarity or value would be greatly appreciated. James


From: Teresa Anderson

 Subject: gin case bottle

Date 04/02/2006 1:43:30 PM

Dear sir, I live in the western caribbean where there were many pirates etc. I recently bought 2 bottles which I would like to know the value of. #1 BOTTLE This is a gin case bottle 11 1/4 inches tall....... neck 4 in. bottom of bottle 3 in. There is no seam over the lip and the lip is rolled not straight The bottle is in very good shape except for a small crack and is olive green but you can see through it There is a seal which reads Blankenheim and Nolet near the top with a small key in the middle #2 BOTTLE This is a gin case bottle 9 1/4 in tall by 3in at the top and 2 in at the bottom There is no seam over the lip and the lip is straight The bottle is in perfect shape and is a dark olive green but you can still see through it There is no seal on the bottle I have seen many bottle living here as long as I have but the big one is quite unusual and I am very curious about the value. I will send photos in another email. Please reply on this email.  Thank you so much, Teri Anderson


From: Teresa Anderson

 Subject: Emailing: spring 2006 049.jpg, spring 2006 050.jpg, spring 2006 056.jpg, Copy of spring 2006 052.jpg

Date 04/02/2006 1:53:59 PM

Hello, I am the lady that emailed you about the case gin bottles. Here are the photos.  Again, thank you, Teri Anderson



From: Dmcc4513

 Subject: Whereabouts

Date 04/02/2006 10:02:33 AM

I live in Attleboro Massachusetts (02703) is there a "best place to dig" or simply find old/antique bottles. I mean other than going to a flea market/junk yard type of deal? Thanks in advance Edward Mccorm


From: karen Crittenden you


Date 04/02/2006 2:41:27 PM

Here is a picture of one of my jars. I have several and each one has a different amount of dots on the bottom.


From: Charlotte AskMe 

 Subject: Can you tell me if its worth anything?

Date 04/02/2006 3:12:05 PM

I found a old bottle it has and it has etching it says "griffin all white". I did some looking on the internet and its a bottle of shoe polish. Is worth anything?  Charlotte


From: john h


Date 04/02/2006 4:07:34 PM

hi I have a grannie taylor bottle type thing it has a stopper on the top and it says grannie taylors whiskey on it I have seen one similar for sale for a grand but I dont seem to be able to find any information on any grannie taylor memorabilia anywhere . could you help me please.


From: Charlotte AskMe 

 Subject: is it worth anything

Date 04/02/2006 4:51:45 PM

Has etching on both sides saying Griffin All White. Height is 4 inches its a 2 fl. oz. its etched on the under neath of it. with a circle and number 4 on bottom. mouth is round with 2 groves not going all the way around each side. base is smooth with raised etching saying 2 fl. oz. and 4 circle with a 1 in it. color is clear  good condition  I want to know how old it is and is there any value in it.


From: trishandstephan tephan

 Subject: Have you ever seen this before?

Date 04/02/2006 5:28:50 PM

Please Help! We have never seen anything like this! It kind of looks like it has a pirate theme, and we are not sure if it is old or new. It is a green glass covered with leather. On the bottom it says Made in Italy, but the signs of the east, west, north and south, my husband says is French. It has a threaded neck with a screw on cap also covered in leather. Have you ever seen this kind of bottle before, what is it from? Is it old? Hope to hear form you soon! Tricia & Stephan


From: Dianne Dash ni

 Subject: Kentucky Tavern Bottle

Date 04/02/2006 6:49:44 PM

Hello.... . I found your wonderful site and would like to ask a question about a kentucky tavern bottle that I have. The name e is incised into the glass and on bottom is the manufacturer's mark.... . It is a diamond with an 'h' in the middle and the 'h' has a circle around it which goes outside the outline of the diamond. I know heisey is a diamond with 'h' in the middle but would you know who made this bottle??? Thanks dianne



 Subject: Old Mr Boston

Date 04/02/2006 8:43:13 PM

Hi Digger, Please give me info on this old bottle. Old Mr. Boston Mint Gin. A beverage cocktail. It's one fourth pint. the seal is still in tack. Never been opened. At the top is an old man with a top hat. The bottom has a 5 on the left. There is a cf in a circle. There is a74 on the right side. Could you tell me it's worth. Thank you so much for all you do.  RICHARD LONG thekid007 .


From: Andrew Uy r

 Subject: Try-It bottle

Date 04/02/2006 10:37:42 PM

We recently found a round clear heavy glass bottle 9 fl oz with embossing "Try-it" "trademark" And on the bottom Akron Great Lakes Bottling Co June 2 1925 It looks like a coca-cola bottle Can you give us a reference for this bottle We want to know the history of the beverage and the bottling company.  Thanks, Andy Uy auy-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: dlouloutel

 Subject: Old unopened bottle of Asbach Uralt Grape Brandy

Date 04/03/2006 3:24:10 AM

My grandparents owned a tavern when I was around 10 years old. After they sold the tavern my father held on to this bottle. There is a sticker on it the says: State of Wisconsin 82878923 occupational tax on intoxicating liquors 1/5 Gallon I hope the picture helps.  I would like to know how old this bottle is and if it is of value? I would appreciate any information you could give me! Thank You very much!! Deborah Stratton



 Subject: bottle

Date 04/03/2006 7:13:31 AM

Hi,  I am trying to find out information on this bottle I have. It says " I Lowenstein Family Liquors Phila, PA". The bottom say not to be resold. I have attached a photo for you. Any information would be helpful. thanks,  steve


From: joann/dave

To: DiggerSubject: Emailing: center bottom cab

Date 04/03/2006 8:31:05 AM

hi, I didn't forget just now got computer going. let me know if you get this picture. remember palmer colored cigar shaped bottle w/red seal co. embossed on it. hope your retirement is going good thanks D.


From: joann/dave

To: DiggerSubject: Emailing: palmers

Date 04/03/2006 5:46:33 PM

did I send you this yet? the red seal bottle is a little off on color to palmer green but is same size as palmer one next to it. I'll try to remember next time who I'm talking to. have lots of pics. . I down sized them to send but can leave them bigger if you want. see-ya. dav


From: shannon rof.


Date 04/03/2006 3:45:41 PM




 Subject: BOTTLE

Date 04/03/2006 4:00:15 PM

I Have A Duraglas Bottle That Was Apparently A Soda Drink Bottle The Wording On The Bottom Says Duraglas It Is A Painted Bottle On The Bottle It Has Abcb Convention 1953 Chichago , Ill It Has Pictures Painted On It Such As The Pump Room Lincolm Park Zoo With A Red Elelphant The Characters On It Are Apparently Those Of Chicago In The 50 S I Would Like To Know If This Bottle Has Any Value And If It Does What Is The Value Thank You


From: Debbie Stratton

To: Old BottlesSubject: Old Unopened bottle of Asbach Uralt Grape Brandy

Date 04/03/2006 7:35:29 PM

I wasn't sure if you received my e-mail, so I thought I'd sent it again.  The Sticker on the bottle says State of Wisconsin 82878923 Occupational tax on intoxicating liquors 1/5 Gallon I think this bottle is around 35years old. I'm not sure exactly. I would love to know if it is worth any money and if the brandy is still good.  Thank You for all your help!!! Deborah Stratton


From: KitRoberts123

 Subject: sioux city bottle

Date 04/04/2006 12:27:24 AM

I have a sioux city sarsaparilla bottle that I found under a porch that was built in the 1940-50, it was found under the porch my father built in that era Question: it says on the bottle 5 (cent refund) is this worth anything? Thanks, Kit


From: Pete Ellis

 Subject: Picture from Microsoft Picture It!

Date 04/04/2006 3:28:10 PM

to : digger from mistty I was wondering if you can tell me any thing about these three crocks that I found in a dump from the 40s. They are 4" high and 1 3/4" on the bottom and they also have a stamp of USA. Thank you for your time PETE ELLIS 


From: AZANN9

 Subject: Delva Afrika Scoth Whisky

Date 04/04/2006 12:03:21 PM


From: PerfectCircle360

To: Digger Subject: DELVA AFRIKA CORPS

Date 24-10-2003 I have a bottle of scotch rebottled by delva liquors with raac approval of Purity bottle has been wrapped in bubble wrap and kept horizontal position for At least the 32 years ive been alive I was wanting to know approx value with Th afrika corps history from some general. Someone has pictures of the whole Booklet on your site but says you couldn't find any more info I was hoping you Since have found more and can give me an appraisal Hello Digger, This is an old request on the same thing I have. I would greatly appreciate an answer on if there is any value & authenticity .  Thank you for your time. from : _azann9_ (mail

To:azann9)  4-4-06


From: Kevin TimbrellSmith

 Subject: mineral water bottle with glass stopper

Date 04/04/2006 4:02:13 PM

I have acquired a glass bottle embossed with the following company logo ;The East Cliff Mineral Water Company. The bottle has still got it's glass marble stopper in the neck. It was made by Rylands & Codd Barnsley U. K. I would like to know if this would be worth anything if I was to sell it to a collector?


From: Melissa Masiello 

 Subject: heinz bottle

Date 04/04/2006 4:09:32 PM

Hi Digger, I found a HJ Heinz bottle today and was wondering if you could tell me how old it is and what it is worth. It stands 61/2 in tall Has 2 bowed sides and is more flat than round. Embossed with HJ Heinz on bottom and PAT 341. It has a stopper Thank you Mel


From: Jeff Holloway 13

 Subject: bottle

Date 04/04/2006 4:43:00 PM

Hello I have a question about a j tune and son glass bottle I found. It was made in london ontario and has a reindeer trade mark on it. The bottle is all clear and the lettering is all blown out on the glass it is pretty good shape. It only has a couple chips out of it and it is a little warped from laying on its side. The questions I have are how old is? what is it worth? and where and who can I sell it too? Thanks for your time. Jeff


From: Tobias Jobes llas

 Subject: old bottle??

Date 04/04/2006 6:51:47 PM

Howdy. I found you by, what else, Googling...I know my email and inquiry is probably fairly banal. Still, having unearthed a past something...my curiosity gets the best of me...and I have no idea where to start. My bottle is not too really old I'm certain. Yet, what was it for, and when? Someone told me it was for snuff. Anyway, I would appreciate any info!!! If it's any help, there are four raised dots, or beads, molded diagonally into the circular recess of the base.  Thanks You! Tobias Jobes


From: Trish Erickson kson

 Subject: tullAM

ore dew crock

Date 04/05/2006 10:17:33 AM

Good morning, I am curious about the age of an Irish ceramic 4/5 quart crock bottle of Uisage Baug, 80 proof Blended Irish Whiskey, shipped and bottled by the Tullamore Dew Company. The top portion of the crock has a soft medium green glaze separated by a ¼” band of exposed tan pottery. Below the exposed pottery is a tan glaze with two sided printing on it. The bottom is unglazed. The jug has a green glaze stopper and a handle on one side. It also has a plastic (?) seal with “1791” embossed in it which is affixed to the bottle with wax. The seal covers an orange tattered woven double ribbon which hangs down about 1 ¼” below the seal. Perhaps two hints for age might be the fact that tullamore dew has a “R” in a circle after the name e and the bottle also indicates that it was imported by Heublin, Inc. in Hartford Connecticut. I have never been particularly been attracted to old liquor bottles, but I liked the look of this one and wondered if it has any age.  Thank you so much for your help.


From: Evergreenflorals

 Subject: Help with bottle

Date 04/05/2006 8:28:45 AM

Hi, Found this bottle at my1862 homeplace in western North Carolina. Help in determining age and type and price....... . Has an applied lip, leans to one side.......... . on bottom R in circle.... no other markings...excellent condition.... . very light aqua Thanking you in advance, Sherry Scull evergreenflorals


From: busterelAM


 Subject: Questions re: filled and sealed bottles of Whsikey

Date 04/05/2006 6:04:39 PM

Dear Digger: Hello. I have several old bottles of whiskey that still have the liquor in them, as well as, the seal. I was wondering if you could tell me how much they are worth? To name e just a few - Peach Flavored Brandy - Made by Arrow Liquors Co. Canadian Club - Made by Hiram Walker & Sons, Limited - Seal dated 1979 Johnnie Walker Red Label - Made by John Walker & Sons Limited Old Thompson brand American Whiskey - Blended & bottled by Glenmore Distilleries Co. Bourbon deLuxe Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - Made by The Bourbon deLuxe Distllery Co.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. If you need more information, please let me know.  Thank you.


From: Izetta K Succurro uno

 Subject: Boericke & Tafel Homeopathic Pharmacist Wooden Case

Date 04/05/2006 7:24:32 PM

Dear Sir: I bought a Boericke & Tafel Homeopathic Pharmacist Case at an auction. (30 years ago. ) The case looks like Walnut Wood with a lock and key. The case is filled with over a hundred little bottles with the labels on. The case has a large medicine label for each numbered bottle in the lid. The little bottles are full.  Can you please tell me the date of the care and possibly its worth.  Izetta Succurro  Bridgeport, WV  IzettaK


From: Shakira Hoqueu

 Subject: antique bottle

Date 04/05/2006 8:17:59 PM

Recently at our school's archaeology dig we found a round bottomed Maugham patent glass bottle with the words Summons and co with a kangaroo on it. It also says Sydney and 'registered trademark'. It is a light greeny-aqua glass colour and its height is 19 cm tall. Would you please tell us its age, history, rarity and value Thank you


From: Grsent

 Subject: old coca cola cream


Date 04/05/2006 8:28:51 PM

i would like to place a value on a full 6 1/2 oz. cream

soda bottled by the coca-cola company of richmond indiana. the bottle is marked pat'd dec. 29, 1925. the front of the bottle has richmond in raised letters, and a quaker. the back has indiana in raised letters and the quaker is also on the back. this bottle has the original cap.  I have sold one empty bottle on ebay for $2 as a test market and have about 15 cases of these cream soda bottles both full and empty. in the orginal coca cola wooden case. thank you sincerely lt


From: edward hepko 

 Subject: Bottles

Date 04/06/2006 10:52:28 AM

Hello, I'm trying to find out information on these two bottles. The blue one has a made in England stamp on the bottom, no lid or cork. The "irish" looking one has no markings that I've found. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks, Beth H


From: Sharon Walbauer elus

 Subject: Bottles

Date 04/06/2006 1:46:05 PM

Hi Digger, I am writing from Canada, and we have a few boxes of probition bottles all sizes and colors, we were wondering if they are worth any money, They also have lots of information on them, Thank you .  my name e is Sharon


From: cindyj528 ticbb

 Subject: I have a question about an old cocacola bottle I found

Date 04/04/2006 9:12:53 PM

hello there, I found a cocacola bottle , glass, 67. 6 ounces it says it is, , how much would this bottle be worth? I am a big coca cola collector  your truly cindy  p. s. hope you can answer my question. I also collect very old weird looking bottles of any kind thank you


From: Hilda Roddy dsoe


Date 04/06/2006 4:55:42 PM

Dear Sir, Is a brownie bottle dated 1954 made by 7-up company in Virginia with anything? Thank You Hilda Roddy Happy Valentine 572 Crowe Circle Soddy Daisy, Tn 37379 hwro


From: Andrew Dietrich r10 Subject: BottleQuestion

Date 04/06/2006 10:30:28 PM

Hi, I have some 1960's Molson bottles with cork caps full of beer. I'd like to sell them, how do I empty the beer without ruining the cap? Thanks in advance. Later, AJD


From: RecordLowLou


Date 04/06/2006 8:48:48 PM

Digger I just found a dump site in nj, who wuuuuda thought lol. But I found a lot of old bottles large & small , will a bleach & water soak harm them.

---ps--no hoffa---or sopranos-in the site lol


From: Berta Curry 00

 Subject: pierce sears bottler

Date 04/07/2006 4:06:20 AM

Hi  I am a student at Keller Graduate School of Management in Long Beach and I have a presentation next week, can you tell me who was pierce sears bottle maker and some how Twin Lights a 79 cent bottles  Is this person part of the Company sears. It seems this company, person and the Twin Lights just dropped of the face of the earth. Thanks Berta Curry



 Subject: mrs winslows soothing syrup

Date 04/07/2006 7:22:03 AM

Gday digger from Kinglake Victoria Australia. While visiting a friend in an old goldfields town the other day we happened upon a bottle of mrs Winslow's soothing syrup which has never been opened. My question is, Is the bottle worth more unopened?


From: Richard Gohl


Date 04/07/2006 11:09:45 AM

Hello I came across a bottle of Old Dougherty Pure Rye Whiskey from Special Reserve. It is in the original wrapper with the seal and is full. I am trying to find out what it is worth. Any help you can give would be appreciated.  Thank You Rich Gohl



 Subject: BottleQuestion

Date 04/07/2006 2:01:49 PM

can you tell me what this bottle is and what it might be worth? my grandfather found this buried in the ground in the early 60s and cant find it in any books the bottle is 81/4 high and 2 7/8ths wide hopefully you can tell me something about this or get me in touch with someone who can. thank you


From: Russell Merritt erkeley

 Subject: Soda bottle in 1912 D. W. Griffith Biograph film.

Date 04/07/2006 2:17:37 PM

Gents: I'm trying to identify the soda bottle in the attached image from D. W. Griffith's THE GIRL AND HER TRUST. I'm afraid this is the best evidence available. The distinctive diamond shape on the label puts it in the Coca-Cola category, but I'm guessing it is more likely an imitation cola. Any ideas? Thanks. Russell Merritt


From: Julia Dailey 29

 Subject: The Only Thermos by The American Thermos Bottle Company, Norwich, Conn.

Date 04/07/2006 3:03:42 PM

Hi, I have a heavy bronze-colored metal vacuumed sealed thermos pitcher. I has the number 150 stamped on the bottom at the top of an inner circle, then "THE ONLY THERMOS", U. S. Pat Off. A few lines down it has, "Replacement filler No. 563F stamped on it. On the outside perimeter of the bottom of the thermos, it has The American Thermos Bottle Co, Norwich, Conn. , then Made in the US of America. This pitcher is oval shaped with 4 metal horizontal lines circling the middle of the pitcher. It has a typical metal, rather slender ornate handle somewhat shaped like a questionmark. The slender neck of the pitcher has a flared pouring spout typical of a pitcher with a large knob shaped lid with flat bottom and cork shaft around a metal screw that fits into the silver insulated liner of the thermos. It stands 10 inches high (lid included).  Anything you could tell me about this thermos I would certainly appreciate, i. e. Is this a collectors item of value. I was told my great grandfather owned it.  Thank you so much, Julia Dailey


From: Jody McCann nc

 Subject: hourglass shaped bottle

Date 04/07/2006 7:55:55 PM

Hi Digger, I found your site while researching this bottle I found in an old shed. I haven't had any luck and was hoping you could help. This little bottle only measures about 6 inches tall. It also has some markings on the bottom which include: An F in the center of a hexagon. The bottom also had the numbers 2-878 on top of the hexagon and the number 4 underneath it. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank You, Jody McCann


From: David Wolf f83

 Subject: Storck beer bottle

Date 04/07/2006 7:38:26 PM

I have an embossed storck beer bottle from schliesingerville. the bottom of the bottle has the letters root on it. how old is it and where was it made. any value?  I have an embossed storck beer bottle from schliesingerville. ; the bottom of the bottle has the letters root on it. ; how old is it ;and where was it made. ; any value?


From: Zane alltel

 Subject: Emailing: Whistle Bottle 1, Whistle Bottle 2, Whistle Bottle 3

Date 04/07/2006 2:10:32 PM


From: April Pounders tcomes


Date 04/07/2006 9:45:00 PM

This is probably a lame one but my mother in law on a trip to wonder lake ill USA bought a bottle of Mexican liquor with no obvious markings as to manufacture. She bought the bottle for the novelty. Anyway, it is shaped like a tree branch. Sprayed on the outside with a textured material and has the look of a real tree branch/ log. There are several angled cuts on the bottle. It is very well done for what it is.  Needless to say we would like to know more about the bottle and whats in it. It has a strong smell of alcohol but after almost 25 years there has to be some evaporation.  Can you help us out.... There is an old Mexican phone number from the period on the label but that's about it...Rgds, April Pounders,


From: Steve Ash 

 Subject: old log cabin bourbon whiskey bottle

Date 04/08/2006 12:03:10 PM

hello, I dug this up in Norwell, MA, I haven't been able to find any reference to this company or it's bourbon (old log cabin bourbon whiskey). It is only 4" tall. I haven't removed the cap yet, in order to clean the bottle. Is it alright to use a little oil to loosen the cap? Any thoughts or big checks would be appreciated.  thanks, Steve


From: Linda Stover er04

 Subject: Kis Me Gum Bottle

Date 04/08/2006 2:25:18 PM

Digger, I acquired your link from ebay when trying to research a bottle I recently found at my Mom's estate. I hate to ask for your information without purchasing your book but at this time I only have one item in question. If you could help me I would appreciate it. I have looked up the history of the Kis Me Gum Company and the History of Gum. I would like to know if this jar is original or a reproduction and how much it would be worth.  The bottle, or apothecary jar is approximately 11 inches in height with the lid and 9 and 1/4 without. The bottom is 4 and 3/4 inches wide and deep. It is in very good shape except for the apparent flaws in the glasswork. On one side is "KIS ME" at the top and GUM at the bottom in raised glass, On the opposite side at the bottom is Kis Me Gum Co, Louisville KY. On the bottom it says Property of the Kis Me Gum Co. It does not have a date anywhere as far as I can tell.  I have attached some pictures but it was very hard to take pictures of glass Let me know if you need more pictures or any further information.  Thanks in advance for your help, Linda Stover


From: Ray Stocco o


Date 04/08/2006 4:00:11 PM

After a recent family death I was given an old bottle of 26 oz. Haig & Haig Blended Scots Whisky that my brother-in-law had for many years. It was purchase through the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Canada. The label is incomplete and the registration number is 1566042. It is wired sealed.  I have a vague memory that it might dated to the late 1930's. Is there any way to determine what year this might be and if it has any value? I would like to make sure that it is known, and that it will also be returned to the family at some future point.  Thanks for any information you might be able to provide.  Ray Stocco


From: Connie Schoffield

 Subject: Ezra Brooks collector's item Iron Horse

Date 04/08/2006 4:02:51 PM

Hi Jack, I've been holding on to this collector's items and am getting ready to move. Does this Iron Horse have a value? How would I be able to sell it. Thank you for you help. Connie


From: Tony Broach -il

 Subject: I D of Bottle

Date 04/08/2006 6:27:24 PM

Subject: I D of Bottle Digger...I have come across a bottle that I need help with, o. k. ? I have  been digging for about 7 years now, and im just starting 2 pricing  them. I have only dug in one area. Im sure im digging in an old  dumpsite...Anyway the bottle is 115/8 inches tall, 31/8 round at the  bottom. The seams stop at the base of the lip, the front shoulder has  Leisy embossed on it, the back shoulder has Peoria embossed on it. Its  aqua in color, smooth bottom with R. C. B. Co. embossed on it, and 321. 1 on  the bottom. It appears to have a crown type closure lip. The bottle is in  excellent shape, no cracks, chips, but it looks like it has streatch lines in  the neck. I hope ive given you enough info to help me out. Would it be  possible for you to send the info directly, or do I need to go to your  reply section?  Thank you very much.... Tony Broach


From: Realsista125


Date 04/08/2006 4:31:17 PM

what would the value be for a clear glass jar that is dated 1707 and where could I go to find information regarding this jar in North Carolina?


From: Susanpaulette1

 Subject: Bottles

Date 04/08/2006 6:56:10 PM

Hi, My mother has a box of old bottles that belonged to my Grandfather and we have looked on line but have had much luck. We were wanting to know what they are worth also. 1. The first one is a water and juice jar the pat is 110354. It says water and juice. 2. The next one is a small bottle that has chateaux on the front and back with a brick pattern and it is clear with a medal cap. 3. This one is a clear one quart water jar it is dated 1932 and has a picture of a well on the front. 4. This one is clear half gallon with leaves and grapes on the front with a screw on medal lid.  Thanks, Susan


From: sally little

 Subject: need help identifying this bottle

Date 04/09/2006 8:45:50 AM

HI, bought a clear bottle with a cork in it, on front says Cocoa Milk Bottle, back has picture of a cow, like Elsie, on bottom says Made in China, Rock Hill, S. C. , has SE1 in center of bottom. Could you please tell me a little about this or where I could locate some information? Thank you so much, Sally Little, Ridgway, Illinois


From: Paul Zonfrillo ox

 Subject: Bottle Question

Date 04/09/2006 11:20:52 AM

Digger, In 2000 you had a question about a White House Vinegar Jug: Hi; I have an old White House Vinegar bottle. The height from top to bottom of this glass bottle is 9 3/8". It has a 2 1/4" opening at the top with a pour lip. The top has the original cork in it. There is a glass handle that is 2 3/4" high. Around the neck of the bottle are 4 apple leaves embossed in the glass. There are raised lines around the larger part of the jug. The bottom of the jug says: White House Vinegar For A Generation The Standard 679-9 Patent Applied For The jug is in excellent condition---clean---no chips, etc. Could you put a value on this bottle, as I would like to sell it? Thank You----------Joan Present value is $20-30. Digger I have just found the same such jug in my basement. Is the value still similar? Thanks, Paul Paul R. Zonfrillo


From: RJB4444

 Subject: Bottles

Date 04/09/2006 10:36:55 AM

Hello Digger--- I have an old Indian head coke bottle that holds 6 1/2 0z: Embossed on both sides near the top is Coca-Cola Bottling Works; below that is the Indian head on one side and Casco on the other; below that embossed in small letters is "min contents 6 1/2 fl. ozs" underneath Casco, then underneath the Indian head in small letters is "bottle pat'd Dec. 28, 1825. " Then on the bottom, Portland Me is embossed along with a symbol that looks a little like a flying saucer and numbers 3 1 8. Although the patent date is early the bottle itself, which is a pale green, looks turn of the century. Any idea as to value? Thanks, Rick


From: Lionel Guerin

 Subject: 4 sale

Date 04/09/2006 4:02:25 PM

Hi All botles have contents and lables  Lion


From: pk818state

 Subject: nujol

Date 04/09/2006 4:15:12 PM

I was curious about this old screw top bottle I found in my parents backyard. It surfaced by the back porch after alot of rain. It still has its metal, but very rusty and brittle cap. (half of it's missing) The raised letters look like Nu J ol, but after googling it, I think it says Nu J o!. The bottom looks like it has the numbers 2 and 8 with a sideways diamond inbetween. . Not real sure about the bottom. Is this bottle collectible and what would its value be? Thank You Patty Killelea Mississippi



 Subject: Grolsch Georgia bottle brown

Date 04/09/2006 6:22:41 PM

This is a multi-part message in MIME format.  I also have a brown glass bottle with a porcelain stopper and the words Grolsch Georgia on the stopper. ?Around the bottle are 4 ovals with what looks like leaves and the initials G and B inside the ovals. ??The stopper has holes in the side with a wire thru it around the neck. ??Can you tell me what kind of bottle this is and does it have any value. ?I copied the letter on your site because it describes my bottle exactly. My bottle still has a cork beneath the porcelain stopper, with wire around the neck and stopper. Can you tell me anything about it? am including pics. Mary Pride, Dahlonega GA. 30533


From: judy lopez

 Subject: birresborn mineralwasser bottle

Date 04/09/2006 10:36:31 PM

Hi there, Found a bottle and doing research. Do assist novices? Thanks Judy


From: mosess 

 Subject: 1953 Souvenir Bottle

Date 04/10/2006 10:18:30 AM

A friend of mine has a 1953 Souvenir bottle - Presidential Inauguration MCMLIII 1953 distributed by Old Mr. Boston - Fine Liquors. He is interested in the worth of the bottle.  Thank you


From: kristy hankins

 Subject: Hello

Date 04/10/2006 3:17:56 PM

this bottle I found is about 3 in tall and the top is about an in wide I cant really say any think about it it is a triangle it has a circle mark an the front and in the middle it has like a star or flower and around the circle it says mccormick & co balto and under the circle it says patented july 8th 1902 it is like a blue swirl of colors (very beautiful) and I just wanted to know wut it is


From: Irene & Gerry Moote 

 Subject: old bottle

Date 04/10/2006 5:16:50 PM

Dear Sirs:  I DUG UP A BOTTLE IN MY BACKYARD THIS MORNING AND IT IS LABELED.... . Kinan Bottling Wks. It's an 8 ounce bottle and it says .... Niagara Falls, N. Y. under the name e. I live about 10 miles from the Falls so figured somebody must have thrown it out. Any help you can give me to identify this bottle and it's value would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Gerald Moote


From: Kris Rutherford 45013

 Subject: Hi digger

Date 04/10/2006 5:24:28 PM

I recently dug up a bottle that seems to be unlisted: It is about6-8" tall aqua open pontiled jacobs and brown hamilton, o The bottle hase vertical embossing and just say jacobs & brown and the below says Hamilton O any idea on the value? thanks


From: SistersnAZ

 Subject: 1957 Regal China C Miller Liquor Decanter

Date 04/11/2006 7:07:47 AM

Hello, Can you please tell me the value of this liquor decanter. Thank you, Karie


From: JASC1397

 Subject: oriza-oil l legrand paris

Date 04/11/2006 7:41:30 AM

Hi Digger, Need your help please. I have a bottle with lots of embossing. One line down the bottle "Modele Exclusif Depose", a line down the other side "Oriza-Oil L Legrand Paris, around the shoulder top of the bottle Oriza-Oil L Legrand. On the bottom of the bottle "P L 1987". It is clear, It has ten sides, five flat, five curved in. It is 4 1/2" long. Bought a box of bottles from the estate of a 95 years Sea Captain in St. Petersburg, Flordia. I am putting all the bottles up on Ebay. Would appreciate history and value. Can't find anything in my old or new bottle books. Thanks, Sandy


From: Covgrl1011

 Subject: very old bottle?

Date 04/11/2006 10:12:48 AM

I found a very small bottle, it is brown and has (In Silver we Turst 1896) and the head of a lady on the front. On the back is says (The "Mother Lode" Counrty) Navada City, CAL. Sierra Nevadas. I looked every where online and found similar bottles that are green or blue, but not a brown one. Do you have any idea what this thing is used for? or how old it is or it's worth? Thanks for any help Patricia


From: Jackie Butcher

To: DiggerSubject: Unusual bottle with flip top lid and screw top base

Date 04/11/2006 6:31:40 PM

Hi Digger, Have you ever seen a bottle like this before? If so, what was it used for and how old would it be. Five photos attached.  Many thanks Jackie Butcher


From: Jackie Butcher

To: DiggerSubject: Re: Unusual bottle with flip top lid and screw top base

Date 04/22/2006 12:16:17 PM

Hi Digger, Thank you for your reply. Since I emailed you somebody has suggested it could be a portable spittoon! Any ideas about this? Whatever it is, it is certainly an interesting bottle.  Kind regards Jackie Butcher



From: susan hoversten hoo

 Subject: Old Bottles

Date 04/11/2006 7:08:27 PM

Hi, I have several Dr. Thackers, bottles, cough syrup, magnetic ointment, liniment and liver medicine. I have one of each.  The boxes say they were made in Chatanooga, Tn.  These bottles are full, they do not appear to have ever been opened. They are in their original boxes with the original paperwork. I was wondering if you knew anything about this line and could tell me if they are desireable to collectors. I would really appreciate any input. I was going to list them on EBay, but decided to do a bit of research first. . Thanks Susan


From: Brett CAMp sn

 Subject: decanter

Date 04/11/2006 9:06:45 PM

I was wondering how much my Royal Halburton liquor bottle is worth. It's a OMB liquor bottle No. 30 1974 and it says Peru Indiana Circus City U. S. A. on it. It stands 12 inches and has a lion sitting on a box and the lid is a cone shaped hat with a red ball on top. The decanter is in excellent condition except for where the name e of the liquor has been peeled off leaving the backing. The bottom says OMB LIQUOR BOTTLE No. 30 1974 ROYAL HALBURTON CHINA. Sorry I don't have a picture to send but I hope I have given you enough information to get a rough estimate.  See if you've won, play MSN Search and Win



 Subject: lakeview dairy bottle

Date 04/12/2006 4:13:09 PM

Digger, I have an old dairy bottle which is clear glass and says the following on the front. One Quart liquid. It has an embossed cicle below this with Lakeview Dairy and Luck Bros. on the bottom. In the middle is a four leaf clover with l-u-c-k on it. On the back of the bottle it says "sealed 48". Can you tell me the history of it. I found it under an old house in Richmond, Va. many yaesr ago. Thanks, Dave Henderson Tampa, Fl Digger, I have an old dairy bottle which is clear glass and says the following on the front. One Quart liquid. It has an embossed cicle below this with Lakeview Dairy and Luck Bros. on the bottom. ;In the middle is a four leaf clover with l-u-c-k on it. On the back of the bottle it says "sealed ;48". Can you tell me the history of it. I found it under an old house in Richmond, Va. many yaesr ago. Thanks, Dave Henderson Tampa, Fl


From: Dale Glynn c

 Subject: Locating the value of an 60+ yr. bottle of whiskey

Date 04/12/2006 6:15:43 PM

Hello, I have a bottle of Haig and Haig Blended Scotch Whiskey, (4/5 Quart, alcohol 86. 6 Proof, 100% Whiskey 12 years old) bottled for the USA during prohibition in Endinburgh, Scotland and the sole distributor was Somerset Importers LTD, Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York.  The bottle is triangular in shape, sealed, and in the original box.  Where can I find a location to find the value of this bottle? Respectfully, Dale Glynn Glynnd-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: crittdaddy y

 Subject: Caloris vacuum Bottle

Date 04/12/2006 6:57:08 PM

I have a caloris thermos (type) bottle and I am trying to find out the value of it. This is a link to a webpage of one like mine. Please Help


From: Mnmsmomma

 Subject: bottle I found

Date 04/12/2006 4:52:39 PM

dear digger I found a bottle in grandma's attic back in 1976 I believe it to be a medicine bottle but am not sure approximate. 6 1/2 inches high 2 1/4 in diameter, and has 1 inch neck the writing on the side of the bottle goes from 50-100-150-200- and the top at the neck read 250 mils it is dark Amber to brown in color the bottom of the bottle reads 7 I with circle around it 7 and under that 3-and under that is 1845 the mouth of the bottle looks like it once had some sort of cork or glass stopper you can feel the seams on the outside of the bottle I would really like to know if it is worth anything and about how much thank you


From: Glenn Fausett c

 Subject: 1923 Christmas coke bottle

Date 04/12/2006 10:09:35 PM

Mr Digger, I have a christmas coke bottle and the date is 1923 on the bottle. After searching thru the site I think i've found it isn't worth anything near what I thought. It's green in color and the city it was made in is Camden Ark. I'm not a bottle collector this was something I found when I worked as a routeman at coke years ago. I was told then that if I could find one it could be worth more than the 5cent deposit. It's a 6oz bottle and wondering if you could shed some light on this for me. I thank you for any help you can give. Glenn Fausett Center Texas


From: Frank Russum spiritone

 Subject: fleckenstein & Mayer Portland, Or

Date 04/12/2006 11:21:46 PM

Hi Digger, I have become the proud owner of my parents antique bottle collection. I have 4 Fleckenstein & Mayer whiskey bottles, three of which are 12" tall and perfect Amber color and the other is a little 6" jobber which is a very dark Amber. I have seen the whiskeys in your books and was wondering what you might have to say about them. I took one of them the the antique show when it was in town and the gentlemen told me he had never seen one but still appraised it at roughly $450. 00. Have you seen very many of these and should I check out the Oregon Historical Society.  thanks for your expertise Nicki


From: jaco and catherine maree

 Subject: Carribean

Date 04/13/2006 8:56:05 AM

Good morning I live in the Virgin Island and was snorkelling outside my house to find a very dark brown bottle that says Cherry Heering on it. Is it old? It's about 300mm high. Please tell me what you think thanks yacu


From: Chad Bordeau eaue.

 Subject: Unknown bottle

Date 04/13/2006 10:28:07 AM

I have what looks like a whiskey bottle that I can't put a name e on it is on a wooden swing that allows the bottle to pour without picking it up. It is a very large bottle. If you have heard anything like this let me know where to go to look at pictures of others to try to place it.


From: Sue Shultz info

 Subject: Old bottles

Date 04/13/2006 11:13:42 AM

Hi Digger, Just landed on your site and found it to be very interesting. Have a few questions but first I want to answer a question you had regarding an A. W. Kenison bottle that is stamped "Auburn"Cal. I know some about this as I live in Auburn. A. W. Kenison Co was a brewery that made beer but it also made wine and then closed down in the 1970's. I have a number of it's bottles myself and I doubt that they are worth a lot because everyone in Auburn has bottles from that company.  My question to you is that I bought an old trunk with many bottles of great variety: wine, bitters, spirits, etc. There are unused ceramic stoppers and wire toppers, etc. along with all of the bottles in this trunk. Most all of these things are from the 1940-1960's and not very old. I need to get rid of this trunk of things now and wonder what the best way to go about it. Would it be the best to go on e-bay and sell or try to find a local antique store that is interested in these things? Also, some of these wine bottles still have wine in them with the outside foil seal still intact. If I sell them should I open them and pour out the contents before trying to ship? I've never sold anything on e-bay so I know virtually nothing about how to do it. 


From: Diana Choe 

 Subject: political wine decanter

Date 04/13/2006 12:10:59 PM

Dear Digger, I have a political wine decanter that someone have given to me. It is full of italian Calamassi and seals are unbroken. It is a peacock. It is about 11. 5 inches tall. The labels on them read "red wine calamassi-product of italy - bottled by Casa Vinicola G. Calamassi. certaldo-firenze (italy). Please if you have any information on these I would greatly appreciate it. Mostly would like to know how old they are and what they are worth. THANK YOU, Brenda Baker- Waterloo, IL


From: OMERTA2319

 Subject: Laborer Chicago Water Dept.

Date 04/13/2006 8:27:34 PM

Dear Digger, I am a laborer with the City of Chicago Water Dept. I recently dug up a milk bottle with the name e PROPERTY OF AND FILLED BY "BOYDA DAIRY CO. " 4224 W. CHICAGO AVE. CHICAGO ILL. B SEALED 1/3 QT. all in raised lettering. Also a aqua Hutchinson top bottle with pull top still inside. " I. LEVIN & SONS CHICAGO TRADE MARK REGISTERED THIS BOTTLE IS NEVER SOLD" With a lamb on all fours under trademark. All in rasied lettering. While digging 10 feet plus down hit Chicago Fire charred ground, find some nice bottles! Thanks Digger for your help!! . . ciao, Nicky


From: gwen kathleen

 Subject: Jack Dempsy Punch bottle

Date 04/13/2006 11:35:17 PM

Digger, my husband has in his boxing collection a couple of red and white Jack Dempsey PUNCH soda pop bottles. Can you give me an idea of its value? Thank you! Gwen


From: Ssweedenclov


Date 04/13/2006 9:04:56 PM

I have a double stamp HK-MULFORD BOTTLE I cant tell you much more than that here's my photos fund digging NW California.


From: Daintree Koala Resort . au


Date 04/14/2006 9:02:02 AM

I have a green glass bottle commemorating the Queens first visit to Australia. It has the date 1954, and the Coat of Arms on it. It also has some sort of code on the bottom of it beginning with M. How much would this be worth? Thanks


From: Janecjh

 Subject: Question on some old full bottles?

Date 04/14/2006 6:01:54 AM

Hello Digger, I been trying to get information on these two bottles that I have. They have been stored in the basement of family home(family has lived in this house for 80 plus years) for all these years. The brown one creme de cacao has a small #5 embossed in the bottom and looks like the bottle is from the early 1900's, so I have been told. they are both corked and full. But the Creme de cacao bottle will leak if tipped upside down, the cork is drying out I guess. The question is what are they worth and how to I go about selling them? Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you Chris Horne


From: Lilyinphoenix

 Subject: Bottle inquiry please

Date 04/14/2006 7:45:44 AM

Wynand Fockink. Hi I found a webpage with questions on really neat old bottles and so I thought I would ask you about this decanter I have. I did read that Wynand Fockink is an old bar and liquor producer. The bottle I have is about a foot tall and has four sections for 4 liquors, one label is still readable, says creme de cocoa. Is this bottle a collector item? I see the shows on TV of treasures bought at garage sales, Id have to say this is my only possible treasure, worth something or not I just love it! ALSO. Once I saw some pop bottles that had a marble in a chamber up in the neck area, I'm thinking it was used as the stopper. Do you know what this type of bottle is called. Id love to buy one IF I could find one! Saw a few at a home I was moving, 30 years ago and have never seen one since! Thank you, back to looking at your site digger! Funny, digger is a term in drag racing, are you a fan of the sport? Sincerely, Suzanne St Pierre, Phoenix Arizona


From: Eaglestats1

 Subject: Julius KesslerCompany Football Bottle, First Edition

Date 04/14/2006 6:14:41 AM

Mr. Odell: We have a football player whiskey bottle from the Julius Kessler company, Louisville, KY. The bottle is painted with dark blue shirt with yellow stripes around the arms. The player brown pants with blue socks with yellow strips. His shoes are painted brown, with yellow tips on the toes. On the stand that the football player is standing on is blue with Kessler in raised letters around the base. On the bottom of the bottle is this inscription.  Number one in a series "The Football Player" Limited Edition R. H.  It has a red mark and two blue marks under the glaze We would appreciate if you could tell us more about the bottle and perhaps an estimated value. the bottle is in excellent condition and has the original label on it. "No whiskey inside" MBM




Date 04/14/2006 1:27:12 PM

Hi, my name e is kelly and I need infor on so old liquor bottles I have or where to get info. I have 2 liquor bottles both are busts. one of kennedy and other john wayne seals still in tact and both maybe over forty years how can I get more info. age, value ect. thank you for any info you can provide Kelly Carr


From: Charles E. Collings .


Date 04/15/2006 12:52:11 AM

Dear sir, I recently found a front of a bottle near 29Palms, CA. The area is where mining had taken place from the late 1800's up to early 1900's. It was poking out from a wash area (shortly after some rains) about a foot deep, mixed with other glass fragments, cans etc. there was an amazing detail left on the label. Not paper realy, almost like a photograph image that when I rubbed gently on a bit, it came off. The Label read

----BLOWER with a beautiful image of a scooner sailing ship. The bottle was brown, and below the ship there are raised ripples of the waves in glass relief. The bottle thickness varies. There is also the partial word "DIST" and what looks like "WHISKEY" not certain. I was thinking Hornblower Whiskey? I searched and found nothing. Any ideas? Chuck


From: Andrew Dietrich r10 Subject: BottleQuestion

Date 04/15/2006 5:30:29 AM

Hi, Thanks for creating an avenue to ask these questions. I have collected old 60's 70's beer bottles with cork lined caps that I now want to sell. How do I get the beer out without ruining the cap? Drill glass bottom like the cans? Thanks for any answers and have a great day. AJD



 Subject: L. C. Miller 1957 Regal China

Date 04/15/2006 4:45:20 AM

Hello, I have the same question Vanman167 had in 2004. Any information?

From: Vanman167

 Subject: 1957 regal china Miller

Date 01-08-2004 Hello, I was wondering if you could give me any info on this bottle. It has markings on the bottom that says 1957 Regal China Miller. It resembles a decanter but has no lid. I actually have two of these bottles. They appear to be hand painted black with gold trim that is raised on parts. The white is the actual bottle ceramic/pottery. Thanks for any info!


From: Shara Mae Bleakley 

 Subject: glass

Date 04/15/2006 4:16:53 PM

Really like your web site! I am interested in finding out what these three bottles were used for. The clear glass bottle has a glass dropper that was inside of it. We have unearthed these and many more (one I determined on your web site) at this property that we have bought. Thank you for your help! Shara


From: Joseph Boulanger 


Date 04/15/2006 4:49:42 PM

Hi I Have a bottle that is labeled lucky one.... it is a 7 fl oz bottle I was wounding about the brand and how old this bottle. . I will include a pic with this email...also on the bottom of this bottle it says 5390. . hope that helps.  joseph


From: Gary and Lori Bogue  Subject:

Date 04/15/2006 5:27:05 PM

Hello, While my husband and I were out walking in the woods with our children one afternoon I found a bottle with part of the corner sticking out of the dirt. I dug it up and decided to hang on to it. I can't find much information out about it. Wasn't sure how old it was and whether or not it was of any value. Could you help or point us in the right direction? It's a clear bottle and on the front it says "Federal Law Forbids Sale Or Re-Use Of This Bottle". Then a picture of what I believe to be a crown and underneath that Stk (?) Pierre Smirnoff Fls and then Half Pint. On the bottom side of the bottle 20 R105 2 63. Any information would be helpful. Just thought it was kind of neat. Hard to see everything clearly on it. It seems to have been in the earth for a while. I live in New Hampshire and it was found in Deerfield Massachusetts. Thank you for your time.  Sincerely, Gary and Lori Bogue


From: Midway Oil lp

 Subject: bottle

Date 04/15/2006 6:16:18 PM

I have found a three sided bottle. It is made of a cloudy glass. The top looks like it should have a cork in it. It is about 6 inches high. On the bottom it has four oz. written on it. Can you tell me anything about it. pbattershawaska


From: Ray Glowner r

 Subject: BottleQuestion

Date 04/15/2006 7:05:05 PM

I could not find a category for this bottle, which I think is a Tonic bottle. Maybe you can help me. I found it digging a fence post hole, about 3 feet deep.  It is brown glass, 8 3/4" tall, 3" wide, 1 1/2" tick, shaped somewhat like a flask. Main bottle is 6" tall with a straight neck and a 1" long spout.  Raised lettering as follows  Dr M. M. FENNER'S (arch along top of bottle) PEOPLES REMEDIES FREDONIA, N. Y.  U. S. A KIDNEY AND BACHACHE CURE 1872 - 1898  Any info would be appreciated Thank you


From: Rdferebee

 Subject: Whitehurst bottle

Date 04/15/2006 3:26:45 PM

We have been digging on our property for about a week and have found many vintage bottles. Our property dates back many years and was a large family owned property. We have been here 33 yrs. and have just uncovered these items. I have found two of the 31/2 whitehurst bottles, also the name e written vertical and would like to know about how old they are.  I am wondering if there is a particular book that would help us identify these many bottles. Many of them have embossed wording and have dated back to the 1800's. This is exciting and very interesting.  Any info would be of great help.  D. Ferebee


From: Chris Prussing laska

 Subject: Fw: October 2001

Date 04/15/2006 10:48:28 PM

Hi, it's me again...Tracking down the manufacturer's mark (IPG in a triangle) on the bottom, and what might be the date numeral near the bottom mark and on the crown (7), it appears this bottle was made by Illinois Pacific Glass Corp, circa 1927, in either LA, Oakland, Portland, or Seattle.  Looking more carefully at the shoulder logo, I now think it appears to be a wheat wreath with a scythe in the center - Ceres? - but I had no luck tracking down this particular trademark. As to why a soda bottle during the Prohibition era would be sporting the classic symbol for grain and harvest...that's a mystery.  It also has a giant squarish letter "C" on the bottom, but I couldn't find anything referencing that.  Puzzling! Best regards, Chris

----- Original Message


From: Chris Prussing

 Sent: Saturday, April 15, 2006 11:50 AM

Subject: October 2001 I found one of these bottles at low tide this morning on a beach with long-decayed ruins of old pre-WWII mining houses Did anyone ever determine what it is, if not a Coke bottle? Is the shoulder logo of a laurel wreath enclosing some sort of crescent/flag symbol significant of anything? Scratching head, Chris  Along the bottom it says: COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. CONT. 6 1/2 FL. OZS and just above the ribs above the middle of the bottle it says: PATENTED MAR. 7, 1922 REGISTERED I have looked at all the Coke bottle references I can find and I now think it must not be a coke bottle. Any help in identifying this would be greatly appreciated Thanks Joe Unless it has the words "Coca-Cola" it was not a container for Coke. There are many other "flavor bottles" that were used by the the company to bottle other products. the patent may refer to the bottle design.


From: Ken & Lory Buckner msn

 Subject: Question: Van Meerten & Sons Stoneware Jug

Date 04/15/2006 9:59:44 PM

Found this unusual jug/bottle at an estate sale and can't locate any information about it. Hope you can help.  Bottle appears to be stoneware? Stands 12" tall and has a 3½" bottom diameter - there's a single small finger handle on one side - lip dips slightly at the front. As best as I can read, imprinted into the bottle material on the front it says "AM

y Hoocendy K Jacobs" on the first line (there's what looks like either a "Z" with two lines under it or a sideways "NII" right after the "S" in Jacobs) and "Van Meerten & Sons" on the second line. There may or may not be some larger letters imprinted above these two lines of print but if that's what they are, they're unreadable. Please see attached pictures. Would appreciate any information you can give me such as what is it really called? jug? bottle? What did it contain? How old is it? Does it have any worth? I've spent hours trying to research it on the internet with no luck at all.  Thank you, Ken Buckner



From: rabbitt gregory

 Subject: Warners safe

Date 04/15/2006 10:11:00 PM

Warners Safe Kidney and liver cure dark Amber reverse left hinge 91/2 in tall mint would you know history and about the worth today thanks gosh000


From: Lisa Mayer r

 Subject: Bottle Pictures

Date 04/15/2006 11:21:23 PM

Hi, I'm a 2nd year student at the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy. I will be making a presentation in one of my classes about "Colored Glass in Pharmacy" and have been looking for some pictures of antique Pharmacy bottles. I came across your site and was very impressed with your collection of antique glass bottles. Would you happen to have some pictures of Drugstore bottles of various shapes and colors that I may use for my presentation? I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could give me.  Thank You, Lisa Mayer


From: Marsha Phillips llipson

 Subject: Vintage Coca-Cola syrup jug

Date 04/15/2006 11:25:20 PM

I have two, 12" "Duraglass" Coca-Cola syrup jugs with green and red paper labels and black screw-on lids. Each jug has a number stamped at the top of the label that I am assuming is a lot number. Both jugs are in very good condition and the labels are all intact. I am interested in finding out the age and the worth of these and do not know where to go to find such info. Any help you could supply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Marsha


From: James shaw ian2000

 Subject: I got a cool bottle

Date 04/16/2006 2:01:38 AM

my bottle is yellow green and has been dated 1700 to 1840 . the contents welcomed relief to the workers who worked constructing the great northern railway across the cascades. what would a bottle like this be worth?


From: Jefmeup

 Subject: wiskey bottle

Date 04/16/2006 3:46:23 AM

I have an old forester bottle 4/5 quart. 100 proof round bottle with cork lid. I first found it with the state seal on it 1893 I think, is that correct? is there a value on the bottle?


From: bill willard ardon

 Subject: Higgins #22

Date 04/16/2006 9:09:29 AM

Hi Digger  I found a Higgins # 22 ink bottle off shore. I can find information on other bottles but not the #22. The bottom reads Higgins Inks 22 Brooklyn NY  What do you think it dates back to?  Thank you ...Bill



 Subject: Wheaton -Brand/Company

Date 04/16/2006 11:01:33 AM

I have a glass container that has embossed lettering "Wheaton 13 U. S. A. " on the bottom. it is in vertical sequence. Can you give me any information on it?  THANKS................ .LaDawn Wilkins


From: liz 63ernet

 Subject: bottle markings

Date 04/16/2006 1:39:50 PM

Hello Please can you help? We have just found a small glass bottle in our garden with embossed lettering on the bottom which looks like: PA2 CALL J28 A6 It is only a small bottle, but we would like to know if we can its origin and age.  Many thanks Liz Goodwin


From: Jenny acsalaska

 Subject: Bottles

Date 04/16/2006 4:46:13 PM

Digger - Love the sight!! Have a bottle about 81/2 in tall AM

ethyst in color Has J-W Doran PHARMACIST JUNEAU, ALASKA below the neck it has 12 oz Kellogg A. M. F & Co. is on the bottom This bottle was dug at the Tredwell Mining site on Douglas Alaska which is right next to Juneau. Would appreciate any help in the value or Date thanks- Jenny


From: Allen Grimble ughes

 Subject: Bond & Lillard

Date 04/16/2006 8:41:32 PM

Dear Digger,  I have this half-pint, full, dated 1954. Any ideas as to its worth? Thanks for any help you can offer. -Allen


From: chelle3930

 Subject: Gordon's bottle

Date 04/16/2006 11:16:12 PM

Hi, I found a bottle stamped Gordon's on the front and down both sides. The bottom has what appears to be a wolf head or a similar creature with the number 18, a horizontal diamond, the number 69. Underneath that is stamped PHI -D-2 and underneath that is stamped 11. Do you know what this is? Thank you, Chelle


From: chelle3930

 Subject: Fw: Gordon's bottle

Date 04/16/2006 11:23:03 PM

Hi again, One more thing, at the top of the front of the bottle, it is printed, "Federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle".  .  Thank you, Chelle:

----- Original Message


From: chelle3930

 Sent: Sunday, April 16, 2006 11:16 PM

Subject: Gordon's bottle Hi, I found a bottle stamped Gordon's on the front and down both sides. The bottom has what appears to be a wolf head or a similar creature with the number 18, a horizontal diamond, the number 69. Underneath that is stamped PHI -D-2 and underneath that is stamped 11. Do you know what this is? Thank you, Chelle


From: Chardeborah

 Subject: Amber poison?

Date 04/17/2006 9:29:23 AM

Please tell me what you can about this bottle. I am a fairly novice collector and I recently got this bottle with no info at all. I at first thought it was much older than it is. There is no mark on bottom or anywhere else The bottom glass is clear and the rest is Amber. I hope the pics show you enough. There is side seam from mold? The glass is smooth to touch but appears ribbed somehow. What was the use? Is it a fake? is it of any value? Thanks Attachment N1: Amber poison. html


From: Matthew J. Michalik

 Subject: Not exactly a bottle question, but...bottle-related

Date 04/17/2006 5:00:45 PM

Digger - Several years ago, while helping a friend clean out a deceased relative's basement, I acquired an old bottle corker. I have tried researching it all over the 'net & come up with nothing. Haven't even seen one like it on eBay.  .  Would you please point me in the right direction? This is a bench-mounted cast-iron unit with a vertical rAM

that is rack-geared, and operated by a rotating handle. The cork is compressed in a silver-colored metal funnel (nickel-plated brass, perhaps?), and there is a mechanism to push the bottle away as the cork is inserted into the neck. The business end of the rAM

has a brass head that is threaded and ban be adjusted for how deep in the bottle the cork is inserted.  The frame is cast with "The Boston Corking Mach. Co. MFRS of Corking Machines Boston, Mass. Pat Pendg. " around the handleshaft, and on either side of the frame where it clamps to the bench it is marked "LILY No. 2" I have attached several pictures.  It is really a well-constricted unit, and it works quite nicely. It also does not take up a lot of room, either when in use or just sitting there on the bench.  Any info, or suggestions as to where to look for info, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much, Matthew J. Michalik


From: Mary Erickson

 Subject: wine bottle

Date 04/17/2006 8:08:59 PM

Hi, I would like to know the value of a wine decanter. it is in the shape of a horse--13'' tall--about 5'' wide. hand made in italy--collectors item--vento wine import-cleveland-ohio-1980. this info is printed on bottom of decanter. body is covered in a leather like look paper mache. bl. leather piece for saddle look and around neck. bridal piece on head. painted red teeth- red crystal eye. one side of face has some covering missing. do you have any idea what it is worth?

Vento Bottles


From: lissa5262 


Date 04/17/2006 9:53:14 PM

Can you tell me anything at all about this bottle? it's 4 1/2" tall and the bottom looks like it was broken off of one of those glass rods, like when they use to blow glass. it has about 4 bubbles in it. and the stopper is broken (the end that goes inside the bottle). the handle and spout are applied. 


From: Joseph Zarkie c

 Subject: bottle questions. .

Date 04/18/2006 9:33:52 AM

hi, great web site you have , like it allot, I have a question about this bottle, here is a photo, my pc camera is not that great, so you may need to zoom out, to get a better view. this bottle has been in my basement for a long time, and im selling allot of junk I have so I was wondering if this was old or worth anything? its a mrs buttersworth glass bottle, thats handpainted I also found a log cabin syrup bottle from the 1976 bi-centennial. any help would be greatly appreciated.  joe


From: Ron Ahrens ooseheart

 Subject: Liqour Bottle

Date 04/18/2006 10:12:28 AM

I found a clear liquor bottle this weekend. It appears to have Harry Truman on the front and the words Federal Law Prohibits Sale or Reuse of this Bottle. That would put it in the range between 1932-1964. It has really nice design of building behind the Harry Truman face. On the bottom of the bottle it has D-230, 13-6, and M-845-A. It has a cap. Can you let me know about the bottle? Any suggestions on how to clean the bottle because there is algae growth inside the bottle.  Sincerely, Ron Ahrens


From: Wayne tel

 Subject: Hi-Lex bottle

Date 04/18/2006 3:37:44 PM

We found a 1 gallon Brown Hi-lex jug in an old shed.  What would the estimated value of it be? It is in excellent condition with the original metal cover, finger handles, and a patent ofe and some other numbers. I also has a symbol on the side and bottom of some one riding a horse. Please help If not worth anything please let me know.


From: Michael Ziacik

 Subject: follow up

Date 04/18/2006 4:11:45 PM

Hi Mr. Odell, I e-mailed you yesterday about the 22 bottles of unopened whiskey I found while doing some remodling. Well I forgot to mention an important part. The newspaper that the boxes were wrapped in were dated 1970.  Thanks again Mike


From: Roncav3

 Subject: Milk Bottle

Date 04/18/2006 4:11:28 PM

We found an old Milk Bottle and was wondering if you had any idea of it's age or value;...if any! It's a one pint bottle, clear glass with ALDERNEY accross the top. Underneath that it has GreenMeadows with a small face of a cow and beneath that is DAIRY. On back of bottle the address is FAIRFAX FARMS DAIRY 1620 FIRST ST, NW  WASHINGTON, D. C.  If you know anything about this Bottle, please let me know. Sincerely, Ron Wilson



 Subject: old bottle

Date 04/18/2006 5:01:42 PM

I have found an old bottle which I think is a perfume bottle. It is 6 1/2 inches tall. , it's kinda square at the bottom and comes to the top kinda skinny, then on the top has thread marks for a skrew on lid. On the side it says "Ed Pinaud Paris" on the other side it says "Na'jouter Foiqu'ala Signature Ed Pinaud" and on the bottom it says "bottle property Ed Pinaud Inc New York. What can you tell me about this bottle? If possible, please e-mail me at lanajopugs. Thanks so much.


From: Ross Sormani 

 Subject: Brown Keystone Bottle

Date 04/19/2006 8:09:14 AM

Greetings!, I purchased a brown bottle here in Massachusetts Embossed Keystone, with the embossed image of the keystone surrounded by two ribbons on whch is written trade mark. The bottle measures 8 1/4 " H X 6 1/2" W X 2 1/2 " deep. The shape is a bit like a round flask, with a bit more weight to its bottom. There is a very interesting screw stop, you can see the detail, made from plastic, also embossed Keystone, which screws into the bottle (unfortunately I have a small chip on the screw top. Being originally from Pennsylvania (the Keystone State!) I am intregued to know what product actually was in the bottle and of course dating and such. I was thinking Oil, just really because of the unique screw stop, and I think at sometime or another we had Keystone Oil in existence in Pennsylvania. Also mabe this is a Heinz ketchup bottle previous to their future advertisement or could be simply from the Keystone bottle company up here in Massachusetts. Any help in it's identification is greatly appreciated. Thank you!  Ross Sormani Ross Sormani


From: Joseph Zarkie c

 Subject: re: bottle questions

Date 04/19/2006 11:16:47 AM

hi,  I sent you a email yesterday about a mrs buttersworth bottle I found, and sent pictures it was a green one. . anyway I lost the link to your site, and remember it said something about findng the answers on your sire. and so I was wanting to see if you knew anythng about it, and possibly how old it was or who painted it?  I can retake any pictures I wasnt sure what part of the bottle to take them. . also the pctures sent yesterday are not the best photo quality. and so you might have to zoom out to get a better view of them. my pc camis not that great.  and if possible could you send me the link to your site? thanks allot  joe zarkie


From: Danielle Dutile ellie

 Subject: my bottle

Date 04/19/2006 1:27:55 PM

hello im Danielle im 12 and when I was out walking today I found a bottle it looked intresting so I picked it up. I wen't back to my house and did reaserch on this bottle that is were I found your web site. I live in Rangeley ME. and the bottle said on it . Dr. True S. Elixr  Established 1851  Dr. F. True & Coing Auburn, ME. on each side of the bottle it said WORM EXPELLER on the other side it said FAMILY LAXATIVE  I believe that this bottle was used for killing worms. Were I live used to be a farm so I think that was what it was used for. But im not a expert. So please e-mail me back at yelly333yellie  Thank you Danielle


From: donna. fackler

 Subject: soda bottle

Date 04/19/2006 7:55:19 PM

61/2"h 21/2" diameter at its widest, 1" at its narrowest, 10-sided, CAPITOL BOTTLING WORKS and FRANKFORT, KY are embossed vertically. Thank you. Donna Fackler 


From: Melanie hAM

pton iberthAM


 Subject: solaro bottle w/metal stand

Date 04/19/2006 9:44:04 PM

I bought an old glass bottle- a little over a foot tall, it has a metal spigot built into it near the base for dispensing- the spigot has a round handle that turns to open and close- and it sits in a metal stand. The bottom of the bottle has '1750' raised on it, along with the word 'solaro'.  Can you tell me if it's really from the the 1700's and any other information on it?  Thanks, Melanie


From: WebbTracy

 Subject: childs cup

Date 04/19/2006 8:09:35 PM

Hello Digger. Can you offer some help please. I have this old child's cup/mug in white milk glass with handle that stands about 3 inches tall. Has a B is for bunny in orange on the front with a rhyme about the bunny. My question is, it has two initials on the bottom of the cup/mug that has an H with a capital A inside the H at the bottom of the capital H. Can you offer what those initials stand for or the maker, and if how old? Thank You Tracy


From: Matthew Singley tle

 Subject: Price and age ?

Date 04/20/2006 3:28:58 AM

Hello, I found a beer pontil in Dnville Pa. near creek, It's marked Dyottville Glass Works Philada. a. I was woundering if it was made by Benners, Smith&CAMpbell? It has no damage and it is emerald green color.... age I'm guessing is around 1865?


From: joann e

 Subject: bottles

Date 04/20/2006 9:25:43 AM

hello my name e is joann I have came across some rare bottles I do believe and AM

wondering if they are of any value I have a bottle that is dated 1886 it is the dark brown color I would call it but they have another name e for it can you please help me on this.  it has on the front THE DUFFY MALT WHISKEY COMPANY ROCHESTER. N. Y. USA it also has an emblem on it please help me out if you can I have several other bottles that may be of value. .  coty_layne coty_layne takemeimakeeper takemeimakeeper thank you joann bryant


From: Sherrie Vandenheuvel

 Subject: RE: Brown glass Hilex bottle

Date 04/20/2006 3:38:31 PM

Hi We were just cleaning out my parents garage and discovered this brown glass Hilex bottle - what info do you need about it in order to give me some idea as to its value? Thank you Sherrie Vandenheuvel


From: reside oplepc

 Subject: Bottle Question

Date 04/20/2006 6:06:43 PM

I recently obtained a large collection of bottles of all kinds. 1 that really sticks out is a bottle that is embossed with E. S. Beshore. Can you tell me the era and a approx. value? The bottle has a very small chip on the top. Other than that very good shape.  Thank you Cory



 Subject: Bottle info

Date 04/20/2006 6:12:56 PM

Bottle info needed--Embossing on bottom is Mohawk Liqueur R-4. Approximately 8 inches tall--top half is white (including the handle)-bottom half is pink. Cork top has a white handle. The diameter of the bottom is about 3 inches. A numbered sticker--from Wisconsin is hard to read--?? #2119795. The bottle is shaped like a football--at the middle it is about 16 inches around. The top spout is about the size of a half-dollar. It was my wife's parents from Bessemer, Mi--they died 20-30- years ago. Condition is good--not damaged or stained. The spout of the bottle looks like an old-style milk pitcher. What is the value of the bottle??--Thomas Nutt  Bottle info needed--Embossing on bottom is Mohawk Liqueur R-4. Approximately 8 inches tall--top half is white (including the handle)-bottom half is pink. Cork top has a white handle. ;The diameter of the bottom is about 3 inches. A numbered sticker--from Wisconsin is hard to read--?? ; #2119795. ; The bottle is shaped like a football--at the middle it is about 16 inches around. The top spout is about the size of a half-dollar. It was my wife's parents from Bessemer, Mi--they died 20-30- years ago. Condition is good--not damaged or stained. The spout of the bottle looks like an old-style milk pitcher. What is the value of the bottle??--Thomas Nutt ;


From: Ray Glowner

 Sent: Saturday, April 15, 2006 7:05 PM

Subject: BottleQuestion I could not find a category for this bottle, which I think is a Tonic bottle. Maybe you can help me. I found it digging a fence post hole, about 3 feet deep.  It is brown glass, 8 3/4" tall, 3" wide, 1 1/2" tick, shaped somewhat like a flask. Main bottle is 6" tall with a straight neck and a 1" long spout.  Raised lettering as follows  Dr M. M. FENNER'S (arch along top of bottle) PEOPLES REMEDIES FREDONIA, N. Y.  U. S. A KIDNEY AND BACHACHE CURE 1872 - 1898  Any info would be appreciated Thank you Ray Glowner


From: Lori Lang centurytel

 Subject: ONE TALL MAN bottle from Madison, Wisconsin

Date 04/20/2006 7:22:53 PM

My husband Bob found a bottle out at the dump when he went four-wheeling with his son. I have never seen or heard of one like it. It is made of clear glass, about 10" tall. It is round, and tapers in toward the top. It has an imprint of a very tall man with a tall hat on his head. This imprint is on two "sides" of the bottle. On the bottom is stamped into the glass: 9 logo 0, Madison, S. B. Co, WIS. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Lori


From: vze8cnv0on

To: DiggerSubject: Re: Re: Not exactly a bottle question, but...bottle-related

Date 04/20/2006 11:13:27 PM

Hello again - thanks for the info! I will have to check around your site a bit deeper than I did initially - I took the lazy way out & went right to e-mail.  Good Hunting - Matt M


From: Lynda 0rson

 Subject: tom boy soda bottle

Date 04/21/2006 8:47:36 AM

I found a tom boy soda bottle from tom joyce co. Indianapolos, ind how old is this it is in great shape all the writing is on it, I also found a rc royal crown bottle with a cap green bottle red and yellow writting on it thank you Lynda


From: Chardeborah

 Subject: strangest bottle I`ve ever seen

Date 04/21/2006 8:02:41 AM

Hey Digger. Man this bottles got me and everyone else stumped. Its 10 1/2 in. tall, 3 1/4 in. at base. Beautiful light Amber color. mold seems I thought stopped at lip but recently realized it FAINTLY goes to top. The base is CLEAR glass. The skull and crossbones is somehow applied metal/pewter. Silver? as well as the lip and a little ring Id guess for a stopper. The bottle is smooth to the touch but appears ribbed. No markings at all. Any help appreciated-Glenn form Charles Town WV thanks


From: RobertandLynda

 Subject: BottleQuestion

Date 04/21/2006 5:58:12 PM

Hello! I am writing in regards to an old bottle of "Old Mr. Boston Sloe Gin. " Very little of the liquor is missing. The label on the front displays a picture of Mr. Boston in his hat, suitcoat and bowtie. The label states, Old Mr. Boston Sloe Gin "for the perfect fizz", artificially colored, produced by Ben Burk, Inc. , Boston, Mass. Below this large label is another label that states, "Apologies! Temporarily no more jigger cups due to the defense program . " and is signed by Mr. Boston. It has a screw lid that has the same picture of Mr. Boston that states, "Old Mr. Boston. " The back of the bottle has a label with a picture of a Sloe Gin Fizz with the recipe beneath it and states, "Also delicious straight, the largest selling sloe gin in America. " It also states, "Tax paid by stamps affixed to case. " Below that label is an embossed #3 on the bottle. On the shoulder of the bottle, there is an embossed message that states, "FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE. " On the bottom of the bottle, it has the numbers R-174 56-41 and beneath that appears DES. PAT. APP. (or APR. ) FOR.  It appears to be a very rare commodity, as we cannot find it anywhere that we have looked. We would appreciate any information that you may have on this bottle or that you could possibly "guide" us to an entity that may have this information. We would like to learn as much about this bottle as possible, including its' worth.  Thank you for your response, Lyn


From: R. L. cap

 Subject: old bottle

Date 04/21/2006 7:54:40 PM

hi I just found a Hennessey & Nolan mineral water bottle it is aqua in color Albany new York w capital building image in the glass it has a metal cork stuck it the neck I found it in a stream

bed thanks rich


From: sheri mer

 Subject: Old Wiskey Container

Date 04/21/2006 9:37:13 PM

Hi, my name is Sheri and I have two Windsor Canadian Whisky containers that is of England Guard (pictures attached) - I was wondering if they are worth anything and if so how much - Thanks, Sheri


From: anna fazzino 

 Subject: Rocko-Ryo

Date 04/21/2006 10:32:49 PM

Hi, I have a clear glass Rocko-Ryo bottle that we found underneath the addition onto our 130 year old house. The writing is in cursive and there is and oval indent on the front of the bottle where maybe a label was. It is approximately 6 Inches tall rectangle shape . Can you please tell me anything about this bottle. Thank You! Anna Hi, ; I have a clear glass Rocko-Ryo bottle that we found underneath the addition onto our 130 year old house. ; The writing is in cursive and there is and oval indent on the front of the bottle where maybe a label was. ; It is approximately 6 Inches tall rectangle shape ;. ; Can you please tell me anything about this bottle. ; Thank You! ; Anna


From: doug farris 

 Subject: Druggist Bottle Found in Fort Smith Arkansas

Date 04/22/2006 2:01:28 AM

I have found a bottle with the following information: JM Sparks Wholesale Druggist Fort Smith Arkansas The patent on the bottle is dated December 11 1894. It says W-T-CO on the bottom of the bottle. Believed to be Whittem (spelling?) and Tatum Company out of New Jersey.  History I found is that Mr. J M Sparks was a prominent leader in Fort Smith Arkansas. He was born around 1857 and built a home here which is on the historical register site which is now used as a restraurant call "Tallano's.  He married a woman name ed Nina Roberts whose grandfather was one of the founding fathers of Fort Smith.. J. M. Sparks  Wholesale Druggist  Fort Smith ARK Any direction you can give me on finding history or value will be greatly appreciated.  Doug Farris

You can check my listing Wholesale Druggists



From: Freda Kraus

 Subject: clAM

flask / bottle

Date 04/22/2006 10:17:32 AM

I am trying to determine is the color of this bottle is correct . I have seen them in Clear with and without paint Amber and cobalt this is the first amethyst one I have seen. I know they date from the late 1880's 1890's as my grandfather kept his and we know what he called it his whisky flask.  Clam flask 5 1/4 long ground neck which is I know is typical. there are traces of the original paint ( very little trace) , and cap is the type normally found. with these bottle. Under the cap is residue indicating that the cap had not been removed in a good while. Color of the glass under the cap is the same as the rest of the bottle, some color variation where the glass is thicker again I believe it is normal.  Value if color is correct?


From: Leigh Ann Owen

 Subject: found whiskey bottles

Date 04/22/2006 11:18:51 AM

My dad found some bottles on the Missouri River. Here is what they look like and would appreciate it if you know anything about them, to let us know. First one is Orangish brown with a metal lid. Is a 1 pint bottle with numbers on the bottom reads: D-9-43-47 and has an emblem on it that is 3 triangles arranged in a circle. Second bottle is clear and has a cork. It is contoured. One pint. Bottom reads: 101 5 6 4 154 Thank you for helping us.


From: Gino & Franca Marroccoli 

 Subject: Park & Tilford Whisky

Date 04/22/2006 12:17:19 PM

Digger, I have a unopen bottle of Canandian Whisky from Park & Tilford, Royal Command Master Blend from 1967. The seal has this number on it. F3230269. Can you tell me if there is any value in this bottle Thanks G . Marroccoli


From: Ross el. co. nz

 Subject: old bottles

Date 04/22/2006 5:31:47 PM

Hello Jaok...I have 2 very old bottles. . given to me by my grandmother . . and AM

wondering what they may have been used for and if they might have some value. Description. . 195mm high and 50mm across the base. . holds 150ml when full. . very light pale green tint to the glass. . bottom not flat. slightly raised in the middle. . fairly heavy and large raised embossing on the "front"of the bottle which reads. . REED BROS across the top and WHANGAREI across the bottom. . this is a town in New Zealand where my grandmother lived. There is also a styleised logo in between these two inscriptions of RBW. The unusual feature of these bottles is the glass marble that has been put inside the bottle when it was made. . Dosent come out. . to big to fit the the neck of the bottle and a special recess has been made for the marble to sit about 50mm below the top of the bottle...you can see this...I hope on the crappy photo I will attempt to attach to this e. mail. Hope thats a good enough description for you to get some idea of my 2 bottles. should you reply I thank you Ross Wilkinson


From: sunny thomas 0

 Subject: wondering if this is old

Date 04/22/2006 8:00:27 PM

I found a medicine bottle in my yard while digging its a glass see thru bottle and it says DR. W. B Caldwell's laxative senna I was wondering do you know anything about this it also has on it Monticello Illinois and on the other side says DR. W. B Caldwell inc do you know if this is a antigue and what year it was from please let me know thank you for your time sunny

Here's more on Caldwell


From: Michael Ziacik

To: DiggerSubject: Re: Unopened whiskey bottles

From: Michael Ziacik

 Sent: Monday, April 17, 2006 9:08 PM

Subject: Unopened whiskey bottles  Hello Mr. Digger Odell, A few years ago I had to put an electrical receptacle in my kitchen that's in my basement. The location of this receptacle is in a wall that covers my stairs. Well anyway I missed the two by four and just cut a hole in the paneling and mounted the box in this hole, well after unplugging certain appliances it came to my attention that one day I am going to pull the plug, box and all out of the wall so maybe I should extend the 2 x 4 and mount a new box on it. So I open the door that leads to the storage compartment under the steps and clean out all the junk that is under the steps. On further examination I see that the 2x4 that I have to get to is behind another wall that is under about the last 4 steps of my stairs. So I proceed to remove the small wall and what do I find, a whole cache of old unopened whiskey. Twenty two bottles in all, now 5 of the bottle of various sizes are 6 year old and 12 year old O. F. C whiskey from Canada, bottled by the Schenley Distillery in Schenly PA. One bottle is Old Charter; There are a few bottles of Schenley that are in decanters but I only opened one box, do not want to open any of the boxes that I can't see in (or should I) so as not to ruin the value perhaps. The in one box that has three bottles in it, one is Schenley Straight Rye, the other one is Schenley Reserve, and the third bottle is called Melrose from the Melrose and Company Distillery (Altoona PA). I also found an old decanter from I. W. Harper it has on the box: Scene's from Kentucky: The River Queen" the bottle is engraved by a one: A. Hewitt. The bottle is sealed in plastic or cellophane. There are two bottles of Coronet Brandy, one small 5th and one half gal it looks like. The is a bottle called Stock Creme DeCocca, and finally the last bottle is called Logansport Deluxe, from the Logansport Distillery, this bottle is unopened has a white seal around the lid but has no tax stamp as the rest of the bottles do. It has a message on it from a certain Melvin Groskin to a Jerry guy (I think that is the man who used to own my house?) I told my brother who is 68 and he told me that he never ever remembers the Logansport Distillery being operated. he told me that the Schenley Distillery used the Logansport Distillery as a warehouse. I also found one bottle of MacNaughton and one bottle of Cutty Sark. This about does it. Would like to know value of whiskey perhaps and maybe a little history of said bottles. On two of the bottles and a Christmas card I found the name e of C. W Young, President of Joseph S. Finch & Company. Is this gentleman still alive or is he dead, I can't find any info on this company or this gentleman. Thank You for your time.  Mike P. S If you need any photo's I could either e-mail them or send them snail mail.  Attachment N1: Old Whisky List. rtf

From: Digger

To: Michael Ziacik Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2006 9:50 AM

Subject: Re: Unopened whiskey bottles  Great story. You can check out the history on my site http://www.bottlebooks.com/American%20Medicinal%20Spirits%20Company/whiskey_trademarks. htm If they are 1930-40s then probably $50-75 or more range 1940-60 then less Please visit my web site at http://www.bottlebooks.com Digger


From: lisa mertick 

 Subject: Luxardo Cherry Bottle

Date 04/22/2006 10:41:26 PM

Hello Digger,  I have a Luxardo bottle with a Meccedes(German)clock in the center of the bottle, the clock works. Could you please tell me something about this bottle. The bottle has no Cherry in it. It was given to my by my mother. The label is gold with some red lettering. It is clear glass and heavy even though it is empty. I hope to hear from you. Thank You,  Lisa Power


From: Don McGee

 Subject: bottle

Date 04/22/2006 11:40:15 PM

I am trying to find out some information about a bottle that was giving to me.  On the front it says T. Hodgson it has a lighthouse with words Trade Mark Under the lighthouse it says Ulverston & Millon.  On the back it has the words Cannington Shaw &Co LD Makers Sihelens It is green with air bubbles in the glass On the bottom it has T. H Inside is a glass ball Thanks for any help



 Subject: pictures of a cruet?

Date 04/22/2006 7:42:04 PM

This bottle has been in my family long before the Civil War. Has no markings and appears hand blown. Is it rare? Have been told the stoppers are not original...Looking forward to hearing from you. TODD HODGES 


Nice example of an example gamely bottle- one that is divided into separate compartments.  Of ten used for oil and vinegar on the table.  Yours looks early 1800-1830.  Nice family heirloom.  Digger


From: GripitNRipit

 Subject: please help identify this bottle

Date 04/23/2006 4:12:20 AM

Hello, I've been looking around on the internet for the identity of a this old bottle that was found in the attic of a home we just purchased. This is all I know 1) has 4 separate chambers each having a gold emblem with the word secrestat and 2 of the sides also have emblems with the words peach and apricot. 2) bottom of container has made in France Thanks in advance for any information you may give me!


These are new liqueur bottles (1950-1970) often found at yard sales.  Some are marked made in France on the base.  You'll find many examples in other months.  $15-20 item.  Digger


From: Lori Huddleston

 Subject: Bottle

Date 04/23/2006 10:50:31 AM

I am hoping you can help me or maybe point me in the right direction. I bought a bottle from an auction and I cannot find any information on it. The bottle is approximately 3 1/2" tall. (It looks like a miniature milk bottle. ) On the lip of the bottle it reads, Little Boy Blue Bluing. The numbers on the bottom are as follows:  4 B 55  1429 0 The B on the first line is circled. Can you give me any information regarding this bottle? Thanks! Lori

Word Mark LITTLE BOY BLUE Goods and Services (CANCELLED) IC 003. US 006. G & S: Bluing. FIRST USE: 1914. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1914. Filing Date February 4, 1921 Registration Date June 20, 1922 Owner (REGISTRANT) Condensed Bluing Company CORPORATION ILLINOIS 615 WEST THIRTY-NINTH STREET Chicago ILLINOIS (LAST LISTED OWNER) Purex Corporation CORPORATION CALIFORNIA Lakewood CALIFORNIA Above is the trademark information.



 Subject: beare gosnell london

Date 04/23/2006 7:15:39 AM

I have a 7 1/2 inch high brown coloured beare gosnell of london bottle and I was wondering if you could tell me anything about it and if it is worth anything. thanks




 Subject: SELTZER

Date 04/23/2001 1:48:44 PM

I Have a seltzer bottle from Sparkletts Corporation New York, covered in a lead mesh, and stapmed made in czecho slovakia 7D5 on the bottom of the glass bottle. Can you give me any info on this bottle.


From: TAM

my Warren ky_Warren

 Subject: C. Ellis & Co Bottle

Date 04/23/2006 12:25:18 PM

Hello, My husband recently dug up an old glass bottle during job they were doing around Colonial Lake in Charleston, SC. I have tried to find out some information on-line but have been unsuccessful in my attempts. I hope you can help me. The bottle has the name e "C. Ellis & Co Philada". I have attached a photo of the bottle in it's original found state. It measure 6-1/2" high x 2-3/4" dia. .  Thank you, Tammy Warren


From: Dorothy Adam


 Subject: Smile beverage bottle

Date 04/23/2006 4:08:34 PM

Dear Digger, I recently found a Smile beverage bottle embossed with "Smile" and with "Coytesville, NJ. " Any information on its history, value, and rarity? Look forward to hearing from you. Mark A.


From: Dorothy AdAM


 Subject: Smile bottle information

Date 04/23/2006 4:12:56 PM

Dear Digger, I recently found a bottle in New Jersey embossed with the words "Smile" and "Coytesville, NJ. " Do you know its history, value, or rarity? Look forward to your input. Thanks, Mark A.


From: DocFuf


Date 04/23/2006 12:39:08 PM

I have a porcelain bottle in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. It has two labels - one says Barsottini Vino Rosso, and the other Banfi Products. I have found other Barsottini bottles on line, but the closest I can come to this one is a Tower of Pisa replica. Any help?


From: Tracy Brown ad


Date 04/23/2006 5:40:24 PM

What a fascinating website! At one time there was an active dump on a portion of our property. I'm assuming it existed during the 40s-50s based on what we dug up excavating our pond. Lots of bottles- but the current one in question is what I believe you call a black bottle marked Chivas Brothers Ltd, Aberdeen Scotland. It's a stout bottle, 8" high, and appears to have had a cork which was fairly disintegrated but stuck in the neck when I tried to clean it. How old is the bottle? Thanks- T. B.



 Subject: Amber bottles

Date 04/23/2006 3:54:24 PM

I recently found several Amber bottles. I found two clorox bottles 64 oz. with an I inside of an O inside of a diamond. I beleive this to be the owens-Illinois glass company. I also have a romans cleanser bleach pat pen 3380. aswell as several other bottles listed as Duraglas with the same trade mark as the clorox bottles. I also found a small flask with wildroot embossed on the side and an I inside of an O on the bottom. on final bottle I have is Amber with water on one side and juice on the other its aproximatly 7" high 3" in diameter with a wide mouth and the following marks on the bottom 5822, 72 over E on the left, and 2 over what apears to be a T . any info. you can provide would be apreciated. thank you, Kenneth L. Sellers Orlando Fl


From: fishandfowl wl

 Subject: Coca-Cola Bottle Question

Date 04/23/2006 8:17:43 PM

Hello Digger, I am not a bottle collector and know very little at all about bottles. I did happen across a bottle at a yard sale that caught my eye and here I am . I read through the previously asked questions and I actually did find a question describing this same bottle almost perfectly (24-11-2002 subj: coca cola bottles/KIST beverage) however, I did not find see an answer so I thought I would ask again.  Side 1: IN8EN PANT IN8EN RETUR COCA-COLA REG. VARUMARKE FAR EJ FYLLAS PA NYTT Side 2: NO DEPOSIT NO RETURN COKE REG. VARUMARKE NOT TO BE REFILLED Bottom: FLASKEN AR REG. VARUM. (around the outside) PLM H11 71 (in the center) Around the outside bottom edge is ridged, not smooth Top: Screw top with a metal cap. The seam stops just befor it gets to the top edge.  Thanks, Ellen Henderson


From: Candice Bauer rochester

 Subject: Acme Bottling Co.

Date 04/23/2006 8:27:11 PM

I have a green tinted glass 30 ounce bottle with Acme Bottling Co. A. G. 41 Buchan Pk Rochester. NY in a circle on the front and on the bottom is an R in a triangle. I have found that the R in a triangle is a "trademark" for Rochester Glass Works. This has been under several name such as F. E. Reed Glass and Reed Glass. I could not find any mention in my research of Acme Bottling Co. It does have a seem to the very top. I would appreciate any input you might have including date and general value Thanks


From: sol wexler 

 Subject: a picture for you

Date 04/23/2006 9:18:26 PM

Dear Digger- I have had this bottle for about 40 to 50 years it is in perfect condition-I mean perfect- not a scratch on it. Only problem is that it has no markings except that the bottom has a 00 on a somewhat textured bottom - the size is 8 5/8" High X 6" Wide Color is a beautiful Emerald Green - the only label that could identify this bottle is on the front which reads: Grand Bas Armagune D 1929 42" Chate de Briat BAron de R (but rest can't read) Reserve de La Diamon de la Truffe Thanks Digger - Hope you have more success in identifying than I have. Sol Wexler, Bethpage, NY mirasolline


From: Rich

 Subject: Old Crockery Jug with lion marque

Date 04/23/2006 10:07:04 PM

Digger I have a crude crock jug with no identification except a stylized lion stamped into the shoulder. Attached are two scans of jug. Any idea who the maker is? Thanks so much.  Rich Boyd


From: Gary Fenton

 Subject: Quick Question

Date 04/24/2006 11:14:06 AM

A bit of a follow up - - - Found question & answer below on your website re Bee Poison bottle.  I also have one, but mine is without screw top mouth...perhaps a cork stopper was used.  What's the difference? Thanks. Gary Fenton

I have found a triangular shaped bottle that is purple/blue in color with a picture of a Bee impressed on the front of it and McCormick 1902 stamped on the bottom. I can find no one who can tell me anything about this bottle such as its history or value. I would greatly welcome any information you may have on it. Thank You, Tony Compton

You did not mention your bottle had a screw top mouth but I believe it probably does. The later bottle of this style has the "Patented / July 8th 1902" in place of "Patent Applied For" as shown in the picture at the right. The bottle is common, less so with the 'patent applied for' embossing. The bottle is sometimes referred to as the "bee poison" and is considered a poison bottle by most collectors. The screw top variant would be worth $3-5. Gary Fenton, Director of Professional Services National Recreation & Park Association 22377 Belmont Ridge Road Ashburn, Virginia 20148 703 / 858-2149


From: cathy carlsson allon

 Subject: found

Date 04/24/2006 12:09:44 PM

hello, I found this bottle from the continental dist. corp, it has criss cross edgeing around bottle, it has a screw type topalso the bottom say: continental dist. corp D 8 40-6 PHILA PA PAT D9756  ANY IDEAS? THANKS CATHY




Date 04/24/2006 12:30:01 PM

, I have two coca cola glass bottles unopened, 33. 8 oz size (1 qt 1. 8 ozs). Bought between 1980-1982 in orangeburg, south carolina, it has coke on one side and coca cola in script on the other, could you tell me the value of this item. Thank you for your input.


From: Dorothy AdAM


 Subject: Smile bottle

Date 04/24/2006 1:47:12 PM

Dear Digger, I have some more info on a bottle I found in northeastern New Jersey. It is 71/2 inches in height, clear, embossed with the word "Smile" as well as the words "Coytesville, NJ" and "Geo L. Rutter" (I don't have the bottle in hand at the moment of this E-mail; I think the middle initial is "L". Although, I can't remember for sure. ) Also, the lower half of the bottle has ten beveled (or faceted) sides. There also is a line running down either side of the bottle, indicating that it is made of two halves. In other words, I believe this line is indicative of the process that was used to create the bottle. I would appreciate any info. Thanks, Mark A.


From: Con O'Donnell

 Subject: Emailing: Bottle Nude Back Full View.jpg

Date 04/24/2006 4:18:58 PM

Hi, I have the following bottle and have no idea what it is or where it's from or what it may have contained. I'm assuming it's an antique but perhaps I'm wrong on that count as well. I also assumed that it's french because of the word DEPOSE which appears printed on the back side of the bottle below the ladies head. I've attached a photo of it in hopes that you may know what it is. It's clear glass but the body is frosted. There are a few bubbles at the bottom on the ball which she's balanced on. There's a rough pontil mark at the bottom about the size of a nickel. The lip of the bottle is formed like a soda bottle today would be formed. The words DEPOSE appear on the ball just below the ladies head in the back. It stands 11" tall. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.  Many thanks, Regina


From: Joy Spray 

 Subject: re bottle

Date 04/24/2006 4:52:11 PM

Hi I have a Haig & Haig empty Whisky bottle can you tell me anything about it. The bottle was dug up it holds two and a half pints or 50 fluid ounces. We want to know more about it. I have sent a photo many thanks JOY


From: Darren Young

 Subject: Curious bottle finder

Date 04/24/2006 5:09:13 PM

Hi Digger my name is Tanya IAM

from NB, Canada. Yesterday I went for a walk with my daughter and we came across a orange-brown color peeking through the earth. We dug at it with a stick until it came out. It was a large clay bottle with a small handle on the top. It says Blankenheym & Nolet and below that "Chiedam" I was told it is a gin bottle. Can you please write back and give me more info? Thank-you



 Subject: Schiaparelli bottle help

Date 04/24/2006 2:38:31 PM

While searching for information on this perfume bottle I ran across your website, and was impressed with all your knowledge. Maybe you can help me with some information on this bottle. I picked it up at an auction, it is a clear glass bottle that reads "bottle Schiaparelli Made in France" It has a metal overlay which almost looks like Brass in a floral vine design with Red rhinestones in the center of the flowers.  Any help on the year, or the name of the fragrance of this bottle would be greatly appreciated it is 4cm across and 7 cm high. Thank you Michele


From: Perry Giuliano liano


Date 04/24/2006 9:14:23 PM

Digger, I have a question about 5 bottles. I got your address from the people at 3 & 1 oil. So I’ll start with that one first The bottle is roughly about 4” x 2” x ½”, on one side there is raised markings 3- in – one oil co. The other “THREE IN ONE” The top of the bottle is square by looking in your descriptions. The cork is inside the bottle, the bottle does look as if it had  been broken on the bottom and was repaired.  The second bottle is aqua in color again with the square top there are no labels on the bottle only markings are on  the bottom which are numbers U2238. The bottle is 4” tall 1” round. Other than that nothing. Any answer would be appreciated or a reasonable guess.  Now the final small bottle cobalt blue in color 3” tall 1” round and rolled top. It reads Bromoseltzer Emerson Drug Company Baltimore, MD. There is a 14 on the underside of the bottle. Now I did find some info about bromo on your questions page but didn’t have the info  I was looking for again any answers will be appreciated.  I also have a milk bottle which is a qt size from the Plainfield milk and creAmery company info is embossed on the front side of the bottle on the back is MB (but there is no space between them it could be a 3 against the side of the M) there is a circle on the bottle which can be from its manufacturing.  This bottle was dug up during the construction of my neighbors house it’s probable not worth anything it’s a little over 11” in height The embossed label reads Registered Carl Becker and Sons Little Ferry, NJ. This bottle not to be sold. In the center is the letter B the label is embossed in a circular pattern. Again any info will be appreciated. Thanks for your time.  Janet Giuliano Little Ferry, NJ Janet. giuliano net

Here's the story on Bromo Seltzer


From: Judith Hughes 

 Subject: value of jar, if any

Date 04/24/2006 8:44:47 PM

I have had this canning jar in my procession now for years. It is a clear what looks like a pint jar in those days. Mint condition, no stains or chip. Has a round glass lid with a rubber ring and wire to hold it in place. On the bottom of the jar it has a letter K and below it the year 1779 and a number 2 below that. Is there any value  Judy jhughs62656ro Eddie D. Hughes


From: rudy alvarado e_smiling

 Subject: BF Goodrich

Date 04/24/2006 8:50:28 PM

Digger,  I have a bottle about 5 1/2 to 6 inches tall, with vulcanizing solution marked on it, made by the BF Goodrich Co. Akron OH. I have not been able to find out anything about this. . any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Carol


From: Michelle Mullally y

 Subject: Question about kerr and ball jars

Date 04/24/2006 9:33:14 PM

Hi, I was hoping you could answer a question for me. I have two jars that I was considering selling . The first is a jar with the description as follows: It has a clear glass body and a clear glass top that is inscribed Jeanette Mason with a J surrounded by a box. The other part of the lid is a zinc top. The front is inscribed Kerr "Self Sealing" Trade Mark Rec MASON. The bottom is inscribed: "Kerr Glass Mfg Co Sand Springs Okla PAT Aug 31 1915" The distinguishing factor is that the G in AUG is crooked. Does this make the bottle more valuable? The second bottle, a ball jar, I have taken a picture with its description, and have attach it to this email. My question is what do you think these jars are worth? Any assistance you could give me would be most appreciated. Thanks so much. Best Regards, Michelle


From: Kasi Maakestad 

 Subject: old bottle found

Date 04/24/2006 10:00:44 PM

Hello I found a bottle diggin in our back yard wondering if you could give me any type of info on it.  It is 3 & 7/16 inches long 13/16 of an inch wide round tube type bottle stands up on bottom Thick type of glass has raised letters on the bottle that say: Gde Koming Tilly Any information you could provide on this bottle would be appreciated and I am very interested to know more about this company and sorts.  Thanks Kasi Maakestad


From: Mike Frey ess-one

 Subject: Drakes Palmetto Wine

Date 04/24/2006 10:29:37 PM

I have a Drakes Palmetto Wine bottle that has never been opened and is in the original box with a booklet that came with the compound that describes the virtues of Palmetto Wine and lots of testmonials dated mostly 1904. Price stated on the box is . 75 The directions are printed in 3 languages. The bottle is about 8" tall and is square. The cork appears original and undisturbed. Any idea of the value?


From: chelle3930

To: DiggerSubject: Re: Gordon's bottle

Date 04/24/2006 10:48:44 PM

Thank you, Digger. So the bottle is of little "value". Still pretty cool to have been found after all these years.  Thanks again, Chelle

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From: Digger

To: chelle3930 Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2006 9:57 AM

Subject: Re: Gordon's bottle  might be mold or glass company markings http://www.bottlebooks.com/American%20Medicinal%20Spirits%20Company/whiskey_trademarks. htm also check the link about Federal Law do a site search "gordon's" I have posted a number of things about your bottle Please visit my web site at http://www.bottlebooks.com Digger

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From: chelle3930

 Sent: Sunday, April 16, 2006 11:16 PM

Subject: Gordon's bottle  Hi,  I found a bottle stamped Gordon's on the front and down both sides. The bottom has what appears to be a wolf head or a similar creature with the number 18, a horizontal diamond, the number 69. Underneath that is stamped PHI -D-2 and underneath that is stamped 11. Do you know what this is?  Thank you, Chelle


From: Frank Swies wway

 Subject: Need Help In Identification

Date 04/24/2006 11:38:56 PM

Hi There, I'm not much of a bottle collector but I am deep into bottle and glass historic research. I am trying to find out about a certain bottle (which I have not seen) that is described to me as being marked Masons O. V. G. Patent Nov 30th. I'm sorry that I don't know the height, shape size, neck, machine blown, etc. info but is there some way that you can tell me where, when this thing was made? It has been suggested that this jar may have been made by the Nail City Glass Company. Could you shed any light on this subject? Thanx Frank Gahanna,




Date 04/25/2006 2:07:21 AM

I found a amber cork bottle that is 7 in a half inches long and 3 inches wide. It has an embossed name e on it that says 12 ounces. W. F. Young. Inc. Springfield. Mass. Usa. And the bottom of the bottle has a diamond shape with the letter I in the middle of it . Can you tell me what its worth???????Thanx. 


From: Dreiling47

 Subject: decanter by Banif

Date 04/25/2006 5:31:48 AM

I have a decanter with a Banfi Products Corp. New York, NY label on it.  The decanter is a brightly colored bird with a long tail - I think it may be a pheasant.  The only information on the bottom of the decanter is: Casa Vinicola Boccaccio.  Do you know anything about this particular item? Thanks! Sonya


From: Shirley 

 Subject: Purple Bottle

Date 04/25/2006 11:15:18 AM

I have an oval purple bottle with cork stopper. On one side is an eagle and the letters TWD under it in the glass. On the other side is a schooner type ship with FRANKLIN written in the glass. Can you possibly identify this bottle and make some assessment as to its possible worth.  On the bottom of the bottle seems to be the number 7 in the glass.  Thank you very much.  howshirlline


From: Mark Laird scom

 Subject: Can you help me with this bottle

Date 04/25/2006 11:42:12 AM

Hi, I am looking for any info on this bottle. It was purchased at an auction in a lot box many years ago than put in an attic for storage for several more years. The gentleman was cleaning out his attic and said he just wanted to get rid of some of his old "junk". So, along with some other itmes I end up purchasing this bottle. I do collect bottles but have never been real serious about age or value. This one just got my curiosity. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated.  Bottle Specifics Green(olive) in color Rough Spot on Bottom with no letters or numbers No seams anywhere Thank-you Darla Laird



From: Rosenberg, Seth A

To: DiggerSubject: RE: Federal Law. .

Date 04/25/2006 3:43:04 PM

Hi Digger, Bottles from the 1940s, 50s, & 60s often have numbering codes similar to Owens Illinois bottles. These include Hazel Atlas, Armstrong, Anchor Hocking, Ball, Diamond, etc.They often have a number such as 46, 53, or 63 in a similar location as the Owens Illinois bottles, where the year of production is indicated. To your knowledge do these numbers indicate the year of production just as the O-I bottles do? Is there a reference which discusses the coding of other co's bottles besides O-I? Seth

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From: Digger [mail

To:jaok20@bottlebooks.com] Sent: Thu 10/7/2004 3:54 PM


To: Rosenberg, Seth Andrew Subject: Re: "Federal Law.... " 1932-1964

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From: "Rosenberg, Seth Andrew" rg

To:Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 12:12 PM

Subject: "Federal Law.... " Hi Digger,  What are the years when the federal government required alcohol (just liquor or all alcohol?) bottles to say "Federal Law Prohibits Reuse of This Bottle" ? The little chart on your dating liquor bottles page is a little hard to pin an exact date on. Thanks, Seth 


From: Dotps2

 Subject: chemist bottles

Date 04/25/2006 1:51:50 PM

Dear Digger, My uncle used to be a chemist many, many years ago and I have a collection of small chemist bottles left to me by him. Are they of any value? Thanks. I am attaching a picture of the collection. Thanks Dorothy


From: Tony Broach


Date 04/25/2006 7:42:22 PM

Hey digger, I'll start with...I've really obtained a lot of info from your site, great job, love it. Now to business...In your questions and answers section you had C. Davey Utter ask about a barber stopper replacement. It was in the march 2002 area, 2nd question. Well can you give him my e-mail address so he can get in touch with me, or visa versa. There probably pretty hard to come by. I wouldn’t charge him anything for it, I don’t work like that , and I don’t have any barbers anyway. I might need a bottle favor not to far down the road, and maybe someone can help me in return. Thank you very much Tony Broach ( diggin-fool)


From: Stefanie Grife rife

 Subject: Old Bottle

Date 04/25/2006 8:48:57 PM

Sir, Do you have any information on this bottle? It is a bottle with 4 separate parts all connected into 1 bottle. It is made and bottled by the Mohawk Liqueur Corp. from Detroit Michigan.  Each part holds 8 oz. of either Creme de Cacao, Creme de Menthe, Creme de banana and Creme De Almond.  Thanks for the help.  Stefanie stefaniegrife


From: SGoodpastor

 Subject: monogrAM

Date 04/25/2006 6:50:30 PM

Hi, I found this bottle of whiskey and would like to know its value. It is not opened and still has the seal. The bottle is square and clear. The neck of the bottle is rounded. It's about 12 inches tall. It's 4/5 quart. The bottom of the bottle is embossed with what I believe says: Age 72, Liquor Bottle 22, 9-A-4292, 10 B. The seal has the number 45372245 and series 112 on it. It's "bottled by federal distilling co, San Francisco, calif ". I'm sending you some pictures that I hope will be helpful. Thanks for your time and consideration.  Sincerely, Sean Goodpastor


From: Cynthia & Andrew

 Subject: Doing a great job!

Date 04/26/2006 12:25:17 AM

I sincerely hope that Digger himself reads this. I don't need any information about any bottles. I just wanted to complement the Website, inparticular the "Burnout story. My name e is Billy I'm 22 years old and I've been digging for about 10 years. The only bottles I own are from previous digs. I have yet to dig a privy, however I do dig out of an old dump in New Jersey. I have nearly 1000 bottles (pre 1900). Reading your stories make me want to start digging right now, though it's after midnight. Keep up the good work. Maybe I'll send you pic or two of a few nice pieces I've found.  All my best, William



From: dsdemps


Date 04/26/2006 7:39:32 PM

In going thru my late Dad's belongings, I found a bottle that says" Harpers Cephalcine for headaches, Washington, D. C. " I have no idea where he got it. I would appreciate some information on it. Thank You Diane Dempsey




Date 04/26/2006 5:18:50 PM

I work in an old mining camp, we dig out the old goal and screen it to get the coal. I have been collecting bottlel of all shapes and sizes. Some of these bottles are old you can tell. I have come across two bottles , Ink bottles they are about 2 inches tall and as big around as a babyfood jar , but on the inside of them they have a place to put the pin or quil a small pocket just asking Larry


From: Glittergirl93724

 Subject: Hi I was wondering if you could tell me more about this Buton Bologna Italia!

Date 04/26/2006 9:54:50 PM

Hi I looked on your site to see if I could find anything on this bottle but had no luck. I purchased this bottle at a yard sale. The older gentleman that I purchased it from said that he had gotten the bottle while in Italy when he was a young man. He had bought it used so I have no idea how old it really is. It is stamped on the inside Buton Bologna Italia. It is covered in leather. It has a stopper also covered in leather. It is about 12 inches high. It has metal studs down the sides. It has three sides to it. On each side is a lion head made of metal with a ring in its mouth. Along the upper part of the bottle is a chain that links around the bottle. The leather looks very old and delicate. I did some research on the company but found nothing of any such bottle. The leather looks to have a design pressed into it but it is very faded. I hope you can help. I do not wish to sell the bottle because I have come to love it dearly. But I am curious to know a little more about it. Maybe you could help me with it. Thanks very much for your time, Natasha!

Here's the story Buton Decanter


From: Greg Weil 

 Subject: I have a question, I hope you can help.

Date 04/27/2006 12:33:22 PM

Hi, I was looking over your site to help before I wrote you. I couldn't find what I was looking for. Here it is. I have an old unopened bottle of White Horse Cellar scotch whisky. The number on the bottle is 3492027. The seal around the bottle from Browne Vinters of NYC has a number 36A2875718. I was wondering if you can tell the year this was produced by these numbers? I will also enclose two pictures of the bottle. The bottle has raised glass writing and a horse on the bottle including the bottom. Any Info would be great. Thank you.  Greg Weil


From: pAM

ela. wayneo: jaok20@bottlebooks.com Subject: Old Quaker bottle

Date 04/27/2006 3:01:34 PM

I found a old quaker whiskey bottle without the cork in very good condition. . There is a picture of a quaker man in a large hat with a bundle of what might be rye grass. The bottom reads 09 70h9 m32-8-7 and has no chips or cracks. I also found a wj kennedy dairy quart milk bottle from detroit michigan. It also is in excellent condition. I was wondering if you could tell me the value of each one. Thank you and have a great day!!!


From: David German net


Date 04/27/2006 5:28:48 PM

Hello, I found your site and I was wondering if you could help me. I would like to know the value of this older bottle that I found. The bottle is about 6 cm high and 2. 5 cm wide. It has no threads and looks like it had a cork. It is a clear bottle and smooth. The words on the bottom read TOURNADES with other words that I can not make out. It also has KITCHEN in the middle of the bottom. It is a cylindrical bottle. Thank you for your time. David German


From: Cy Ledford 1ina

 Subject: JIm Beam


Date 04/27/2006 7:57:24 PM

I have several old Jim Beam

bottles. One still has the liquor in it. Are they worth anything? AM

moving and need to get ride of a lot of junk.


From: Stephanie Smith h31

 Subject: blue philadelphia medicine

Date 04/28/2006 12:31:32 AM

I dug a bottle last weekend from philli that I can find nothing about. The privy was aged 1880 back to pontils. The bottle in question is 9" tall rectangular about 4" by 2 3/4". It has a crude single ring lip. It is a cornflower blue, not quite cobalt. Smooth base but appears to be 1870's work. It is embossed on the front: TRINDER'S in slight arc. / TW logo/ PHILADELPHIA / LACTO / PHOSPHATE OF LIME / AND / COD LIVER OIL. I will send you a picture later if you want, I will take a while to figure out our new camera. Also. 3 weeks ago I dug an open pontil medicine 7 1/2" tall rectangular med. from Georgetown, DC.  It is embossed: KIDWELL on left small panel GEORGETOWN, DC on front CHEMISTS on right small panel  it is aqua and very whittled  If you know anything about either one, any information would be spectacular. Please feel free to pass on this info to anyone you know who may know anything that would help me. I got your email address off a bottle club (I think it was a club) website.  Thanks again,  Mike


From: odougieo

 Subject: Hydrozone Bottle

Date 04/28/2006 7:34:13 AM

I have an Amber, round, 9 1/2" tall very heavy Hydrozone bottle. It say's "Hydrozone Prepared Olny By Chas. Marchand New York" embossed on the bottle. Yes, the only is spelled olny. Is this a reproduction or possibly a unique bottle? Thanks for any help. Doug


From: June Shortall goeaston

 Subject: OxoL bottles ?

Date 04/28/2006 8:02:14 AM

I work for Goodwill and recently received some old bottles to price, one Amber/brown bottle says OxoL what was this? The bottle once had a cork.  June


From: Clifford Romme hoo

 Subject: Ripple Wine

Date 04/28/2006 12:33:03 PM

I have an unopened bottle of Ripple from about 1981.  I am wondering if this is worth something now and how I should investigate this.  Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.  C. Romme

------------------ Clifford R. Romme cromme


From: Bill Garner r ca

 Subject: bottle

Date 04/28/2006 3:26:46 PM

I have a 16 inch bottle from Evans Sons Lescher & Webb LTd Liverpool & London 1100. looks like NLC on top of base but not sure. was wondering about date and approx value of bottle. Thx Bill Garner


From: Davehikes

 Subject: listerine bottle

Date 04/28/2006 2:41:12 PM

Hi there, I found a small, about three inch tall, listerine bottle. I know it's too common to be worth much. I was just curious about how old it might be. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,  Dave


From: Ellen & Jason

 Subject: Cobalt Evans Elder Flower Eye Lotion

Date 04/28/2006 11:13:01 PM

Hi, As a baby gift from an elderly family friend, my son received a cobalt bottle filled with some kind of liquid (not sure if it the originl contents or just water). It has a cap that fits really well and is a dark green color. One side of the bottle is embossed with Evans ELDER FLOWER EYE LOTION GEO. B. EVANS LABOROTORIES INC. , PHILADELPHIA. Here's the best part...It has labels on both the front and back that are in extremely good condition (not a dug up bottle). Both labels have a band of floral designs across the top and bottom. One label says Evans Elder Flower Eye Lotion (Lotio SAMbuci) Alcohol 1. 7% An ideal simple Lotion for the eyes A Prescription Eye Lotion Made from Elder Flower Peppermint Witch Hazel Cherry Laurel CAMphor Acid Boric Sodium Chloride. The other label says Evans Elder Flower Eye Lotion (Lotio SAMbuci) Alcohol 1. 7% Directions Fill eye cup to half full. Press cup to eye, open eye and tilt head. repeat several times opening and shutting eye as you apply lotion. It may be well to dilute the lotion wiht pure, warm water for sensitive eyes. George B. Evans Laboratories Philadelphia. The bottom of the bottle appears to be embossed with either an m or a 3 with a circle around it, and then the same m or 3 character set perpendicular to the character with a circle around it. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated as I only seem to be able to find similar bottles without labels in my internet searches.  Thanks so much! Ellen Yorktown, VA


From: joel l andrews ssex1

 Subject: bottling company information

Date 04/29/2006 3:28:41 AM

my brother in law found a bottle with the words milledgeville ill bottling company on it it also had the letter m on the bottle any iformation on the bottle and the company would be appreciated reply to joel7081 thank you JOEL ANDREWS


From: ANNE GRAVES esernet


Date 04/29/2006 11:46:12 AM

My son found a small glass bottle in our garden with Owbridge's Lung Tonic, Hull. Any information on this would be appreciated. Kind reagrds,  Anne Graves,  Scotland.


From: john hunley n4041


Date 04/29/2006 12:20:21 PM

Hello can anyone help me with this bottle I found in my basement. It says little bo-peep. . Then under that it says ammonia, containing "oehme"...can anyone tell me when the bottle was made, the year?...thanks alot!!


From: espencer panhandle


Date 04/29/2006 4:27:29 PM

I have a Gorge Dickel CerAM

ic Jug 3 1 of a series " The Burning of the Rickes" in the box seal unbroken I purchased it in 1976 at a liquor store. Could you tell me it's value. Thanks Ed


From: Cheryl Luckie ie

 Subject: Antique Bottle Question

Date 04/29/2006 4:46:08 PM

While searching I came across your name e as someone willing to answer questions about antique bottles. I would really appreciate any advice you might give me concerning an antique wine bottle that was given to me several years ago by an elderly friend. I say that it is a wine bottle because that's what she told me. She said it had belonged to her late husband & I was once told that he did "drink" a good bit! Anyway, I have never seen anything like this bottle anywhere, even though I have shopped at antique stores & malls for many, many years. The bottle weighs at least 5 or 6 lbs. The top half of the bottle is in the shape of what I think is a pink squirrel...long tail but also long ears (in fact my friend thought it was a rabbit).  The glass is a beautiful pink color much like the pink depression glass that I collect. It is evident that no liquid was contained in this part of the bottle. The bottle part of the bottle is clear-colored glass but it is not a smooth surface (hard to explain)...sor of bubbly like. It has a side opening where I am supposing a cork once was as it does not appear to have been able to have any other type of closure. I have tried researching this bottle extensively but just can't find anything about it, especially since it has no numbers or markings of any kind that I can find. I am guessing that if in fact it is a wine bottle, it was probably a promotional, one-time offer kind of situation. I would very much like to know who made the bottle, when it was made, and a possible worth. If you can give me any ideas, I would be extremely grateful.


From: Troubles22

 Subject: too many bottles

Date 04/29/2006 3:40:51 PM

sigh I don't know whether to save them or not. When digging to put in above ground pool we found out our yard is full of old bottles. Brown clorox bottles a vicks bottle with small neck etc etc all kinds of blue glass, brown, white and clear. So many that being tired of picking up broken glass after saving about 30 or more intact bottles I'm tempted to throw the rest away. As we still have a huge pile of dirt left to go thru to get rid of the glass. In this picture the vicks bottle is next to the little kitty figure on the table. If you think they are not worth my time Please let me know. Thanks Linda Jobes


From: Sherry McGilberry elt

 Subject: pay day soda bottle

Date 04/29/2006 9:02:22 PM

I live in Alabama

a and have found a pay day soda bottle made by canada dry-frostie bottling company in Jackson Mississippi. I can't find anything about this drink on the i-net. Can you tell me anything about it? Thank you for your time, Sherry


From: Anthony Poore ore

 Subject: Fwd: Botella 1818

Date 04/30/2006 9:20:09 AM

Dear Sir: I have a bottle of Napolion cognac dated 1818. The same is sealed and was part of the private stock belonging to Argentine President Marcel T. Alvear (1868-1942) He was President from 1922-1928 and presented the bottle to Dr. Eugenio Aleman as a gift in 1930. Today, it is in the hands of his niece, Amalia Lucia Cella. Would you have any idea as to what it may be worth? Thank you for your valuable help, Anthony Poore


From: TAM

mee Young 1

 Subject: Question about gallon old grand-dad bottle

Date 04/30/2006 10:40:57 AM

I have a gallon size whiskey bottle in a metal stand that swings. It has the old grand-dad label on the front and the back. The bottom of the bottle has a 64/73 902. I was wondering if you could provide me with any information on it. I am attaching a picture. My plan is to sell it. Thanks


From: semlake7193 93

 Subject: atlas mason jar

Date 04/30/2006 11:34:02 AM

My husband was tearing down my grandfathers house and found an atlas mason jar with the number 5058 D 12 on the bottom and it has Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason written on the side, Im trying to find out if you can tell me maybe the year it was made or maybe a web site I can go to my grandfather passed away in 1967 and loved his MOONSHINE so I didnt know if this could have been one of his. God Bless You Sheila


From: Cyrsu1944

 Subject: MIGHT BE A GOOD ONE.... . .

Date 04/30/2006 8:41:23 AM

Hi digger, this bottle was found in an old, and thought never dug, dump. It is olive green, 10" high, 2" at the base and 3 " at the shoulder. There is abuot a 1 " "kickup" on the bottom. It is etched with the lettering, thos, with the s underlined as are all the small letters. . Mcmullen & co's. Below that the letters say . . White label. . The letters are all etched in the glass...cannot find it in any books...got any idea what it is and how valuable it might be?? Thanks suzanne cyr. . .


From: Josh Gross ekly

 Subject: Aunt Ida bottles

Date 04/30/2006 2:36:35 PM

Re: this posting, you can get info on this company here http://www. scholarlypursuits.com/unclejo. htm

From: nancy n

 Subject: Aunt Ida

Date 07/02/2005  2:57:50 PM

I have two questions. How old is a green "Aunt Ida's" bottle - it is green and stamped "worlds greatest mixer" and Shreveport La on the bottom and is it worth anything. Thanks!


From: gwilson1 Subject: Coke / Pepsi Bottles / Metal carriers

Date 04/30/2006 3:26:46 PM

Hello, I have two metal "6 pack" carriers - one Pepsi with six glass Pepsi bottles and one Coke, with 6 generic glass bottles. Curious as to how I might determine their value? Thank you


From: john dani danielle

 Subject: pepsi bottle w/ 7-up lid, unbroken seal

Date 04/30/2006 4:20:24 PM

I have a 32 oz. pepsi money back bottle with a 7-up lid with an unbroken seal. The year is not known and I would just like to know how much it is worth. Thank you, John


From: bobbe mcast

 Subject: cobolt blue

Date 04/30/2006 7:43:53 PM

Hi Digger. My name e is Bobbe. We have been collecting sea glass for years, but just started to realize how old these pieces can be. One of the pieces we have is a very well worn cobalt blue partial bottom. we can very clearly read TEXAN. Any ideas on what type of bottle that might have been?


From: kchoffman71 71

 Subject: Bottles

Date 04/30/2006 8:10:12 PM

Dear Digger, I have a small collection of commemorative bottles. Most are dated 1776 - 1976. NAME es are Nantucket, Morristown, etc. The SPRING bottle has a take of 1976 and the initials D. G. W. . The Jersy Devil has no date. On the reverse side it says SALEM OAK with a picture of an oak tree. The color is pale apple green. How much are they worth. Thank you. Kenneth Hoffman kchoffman71


From: kchoffman71 71

 Subject: Bottles

Date 04/30/2006 8:14:08 PM

Dear Digger, I have a small collection of commemorative bottles. Most are dated 1776 - 1976. NAME es are Nantucket, Morristown, etc. The SPRING bottle has a take of 1976 and the initials D. G. W. . The Jersy Devil has no date. On the reverse side it says SALEM OAK with a picture of an oak tree. The color is pale apple green. How much are they worth. Thank you. Kenneth Hoffman


From: Marsha Kitzmiller

 Subject: Cognac Bottle and Vinegar Bottle

Date 04/30/2006 8:31:39 PM

I have a two handled white house vinegar jug with raised letters that reads in cursive White House Vinegar. It is 1/2 gallon. I also have a small violin shaped case that is a music box and plays "How Dry I am ". Inside is a never been opened, sealed bottle of Cognac and the label reads. . Collado Conac Twelve Years Old made by: RAM

on Del Collado Habana Cuba. I have searched and searched for a value and so far no success. If you can help or know someone who can I would greatly appreciated it. It appears to be very old. Thank you,


From: Mo Baker 

 Subject: Needing Info on bottle

Date 04/30/2006 8:50:28 PM

Hi Digger, I dug up an old bottle and in the bottle was a little story someone put in the paper on how they had dug this bottle up. I do not have a picture but it is shaped like a soda bottle 7 1/2" height Bottom of bottle has G and A on top of eachother Embossed on side is Graves & Evans Co. Registered Contents 7 1/2 Fl Oz Battle Creek, Mich light aqua in color I would like to know age, rarity, and value. Article in the bottle says Company was closed around 1928 and was a wholesale confectioner firm that also sold carbonated beverages.  Thank you, Malinda




Date 04/30/2006 11:26:30 PM

i have an old bottle with the name e perkins and curtis on it along with other writing.... it is octogan shaped and a green color. any idea of the worth.


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