A. REYNOLDS' INDIAN CHOLAGOGUE - A. Reynolds, Proprietor, Buffalo, N.Y. 1848 advertisement in the Buffalo Morning Express. Alpheus & Wiiliam Reynolds are first listed as druggists in 1839 at 204 Main Street. In 1840 they are listed at 220 Main Street. In 1842' an Alpheus Reynolds, Jr. is listed as moving to 154 Main Street. In the 1848 directory, Alpheus Reynolds is listed as a wholesale dealer in groceries and drugs at 155 Main Street. Somewhere between 1853 and 1857 a Ward Reynolds took over the location at 155 Main Street (also a druggist). Reynolds & Co. is listed at the same location in 1860. In 1875 Reynolds & Co. becomes Reynolds & Wessell at 155 Main Street. In 1880, A. Reynolds is listed alone at the same address amd in 1881 there is no further listing for this name.


(DR. D.P. BROWN'S EXTERNAL & INTERNAL REMEDY FOR PILES Advertisement in 1850 newspaper reads: Made by Dr. D.P. BROWN of Buffalo, N.Y. while living with the Indians. (I found no other information anywhere). The jar illustrated below is the only definite connection that a product was put out, possibly his piles' ointment.

DR. HENRY'S PURIFYING SYRUP - Prepared by H.H. REYNOLDS, Buffalo, N.Y. Advertisement in 1838 Jamestown newspaper. HIRAM H. REYNOLDS is listed as a dentist in the 1844 & 1848 directories. His business address is 146 Main Street. (Since the first two initials are the same, it is a good chance this is the same man.) NOTE: No direct evidence connecting the product to this person. The above product could have been a medicinal concoction used for the teeth and gums, who knows, but it's a good bet due to the fact that H.H. Reynolds was a dentist.

DR. DAVIS' VEGETABLE JAUNDICE BITTERS - E. DAVIS, Proprietor, Buffalo, N.Y. Advertised in Buffalo Morning Express, 1850. KNOWN BOTTLE WITH A LABEL Oval, aqua, 8 1/4" - 32" - 2". DR. DAVIS' BOTANIC CHOLAGOGUE adv. in the Buffalo Morning Express. DAVIS' EXTIRPO - Epenetus H. Davis, Proprietor, Buffalo, N.Y. Advertisement in the 1849 Buffalo Morning Express. EPENETUS H. DAVIS first appears in the Buffalo druggists listing in the year 1847. In the 1848 directory he has a 1/2 page ad (see below). In 1853 he takes on two partners - GIBBIS & FARNHAM and has two locations - corner of Commercial St. & 5 South Division Street. In 1854 he buys out HIRAM CHAMBERS (druggist) and moves from Long Wharf, his original store, to 10 Terrace. In 1869 he moves to 25 Terrace. In 1879 he moves from 25 Terrace to 15 Franklin Street. By 1881 he is no longer listed as a druggist or anything else. DR.

BARTHOLICK'S NERVOUS EXHILARATOR OR NERVINE Dr. Bartholick of Buffalo, N.Y. Advertisement in the Democrat Free Press of Detroit, August 4, 1845. There are no listings in 1845-46 because no directories were printed. I found no druggist listing in the Buffalo Pharmacy book. NOTE: The same man is listed in earlier years from Rochester, N.Y. and also in years after.

JENNER'S COUGH MIXTURE 1866 advertisement in the Buffalo Morning Express. RICHARD JENNER is first listed as a druggist in 1857 at 438 Main St. In 1862 he moved to 300 Main Street. In 1868 he's listed at 416 Main Street. By 1873 he was no longer in business.

MC OMBER'S HAIR RESTORATIVE & INVIGORATOR This bottle and McOmber himself have not been thoughly researched at this point. However, a small article advertising one of McOmber's products was found in a Fredonia, N.Y. newspaper. It reads as follows; Fredonia Censor, Jan. 25,1860 "Professor McOmber, greatest benefactor of the age.The inventor of the` latest and best hair tonic in the world. The ability of Prof. McOmber to restore hair to bald heads is a fixed fact, having had over 15 years experience in this line. Therefore I say,if you have lost your hair, use Prof. McOmber's Vegetable Hair Grower. It is warranted to restore it. If you have dandruff it will eradicate it. If you have scald head, it will cure it. If you wish to improve your eyebrows, use the hair grower. If you wish to improve or grow whiskers or mustache, use Prof. McOmber's Vegetable Hair Grower. If your hair has commenced to fall out, use it. I wish it distinctly understood that I warrant this article to preform all that I claim for it. If it fails to give perfect satisfaction for the money, the money will be refunded in all cases. None genuine without the facsimile of the inventor's likeness and signature on each wrapper. Manufactured and sold wholesale at 204 Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y." It is not known if the above mentioned product is the same one as the embossed bottle. Further research will have to be-done. My suspicions are the embossed bottle is earlier then the above mentioned product and many advertisements say... None genuine unless the name & proprietor is blown in the glass ... instead of likeness and signature on each wrapper. But, as stated, this is just speculation. .

DR. FREDk DELLENBAUGH / BUFFALO, N.Y. Frederick Dellenbaugh has a long history of being a doctor for the residents of Buffalo. From the sounds of the very earliest directory listings, he was an immigrant from Germany or the Netherlands. It appears he came to America sometime between 1832(no listing) and 1837 (1st listing). The 1837 city directory lists him as "Dutch doctor at Rock corner of Maiden Lane." In 1844 his listing changed to "German Physician" - business 334 Main, residence - 87 Batavia. His home at 87 Batavia became his permanent residence for over 25 years. In 1848 he formed a medical firm with Daniel Devening, both listed as German physicians, office 373 Main St. This firm only lasted a few years. In 1852 he is listed as "Medical Doctor, drugs and medicines corner of Lafayette". This was the beginning of his entrance into the druggist business as well as being a M.D. By 1854 there is a listing for F. & S. Dellenbaugh - Drug Store. Samuel Dellenbaugh, possibly a son or brother joined the firm. In 1857 Samuel is now listed as a medical doctor. The druggist business prospered for 4 years but was discontinued in 1858. Frederick and Samuel continued their medical practice at 358 Main St. and in 1865-66 they're listed as follows: M.D. Frederick Dellenbaugh M.D. Samuel Dellenbaugh Office 358 Main St. M.D. Charles Dellenbaugh In 1870 the listing is for just Frederick and Samuel and no Charles Dellenbaugh appears.

PARKER'S PULMONARY BALM This is a known bottle, and the advertisement for this product was found in the newspaper Spirit of the Times, Batavia, N.Y., May 7, 1842. Since Batavia is so close to Buffalo and R. Parker was in business at that time in Buffalo, it is reasonable to believe that was his product. PARKER'S COMPOUND COUGH SYRUP

MOTT'S BALSAMIC COUGH & LUNG JELLY - Available in two sizes, Ballard & Green Proprietors, Buffalo, N.Y. 1847 Advertisement

BALLARD & GREEN'S CELEBRATED ANODYNE TOOTHACHE DROPS 1847 Advertisement Ballard & Green are listed as druggists in the year 1847. Possibly they were in business sometime in 1846, but no positive proof has turned up. In 1848 they were bought by McClure & Co. and do not reappear in further pharmacy, druggists, or City Directory listings. Both ads were found in the 1847 Buffalo Morning Express. In 1847 an O.M. Ballard is listed as a druggist in the City Directory. No listed Ballards in the 1848 directory. In 1848 an Alfred J. Green is listed as a doctor at 290 Main Street. No 1844 listing for this person. I could find no other listing for either. In 1847 Green is listed as an M.D. and with Ballard & Green. O.M. Ballard may have moved to Troy, N.Y. sometime in the very late 1840's. I could not find any 1849 - 1850 advertising or listings and this ad in 1850 from a Troy, N.Y. newspaper is probably the same man.

O.M. BALLARD'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF STRAWBERRY LEAVES (O.M. Ballard, continued) However, There are known bottles which bear his name from New York State which I'm sure were sold out of the Buffalo, N.Y. store for the 12 or 18 months they were in business here. They are as follows: A) BALLARD'S / HAIR DYE N.Y. - 31 Height, Rectangular, open pontil, aqua and colored (color unknown by myself) B) BALLARD'S/NO. 1/ HAIR DYE/N.Y. - 3 5/8" in height, open pontil, aqua and colored (color unknown by myself) C) BALLARD'S/N.Y./NO. 2 - 3 5/8" height, square, aqua, open pontil D) O.M. BALLARD/NEW YORK/LIQUID HAIR DYE - 31" height, aqua, open pontil The last listing leaves no doubt that this is the correct Ballard. Also on the previous page in the advertisement from the 1847 Directory it particularly advertises for the "celebrated venetian liquid hair dye" among others.

LOOMIS'S CREAM LINAMENT NOTE! - NO DIRECT EVIDENCE that this is a Buffalo, N.Y. bottle or connected to any Buffalo, N.Y. "medical" persons. However, the following medical doctor is listed in Buffalo residence for over 25 years and it's quite possible it's his product. The first listing for Horatio N. Loomis appears in an 1844 Buffalo City Directory. He's listed as an M.D. at 19 Court St. Sometime in 1845-46 Horatio went into practice with Alden S. Sprague, M. D. The firm was known as Loomis and Sprague M.D.'s. Horatio's home address was listed as 79 Franklin St. In 1848 he moved his practice to 288 Main St. on the corner of Eagle and went into practice for himself again. He remained at this address till sometime before 1855. NOTE: In 1852 his home address is 99 Franklin St. near Niagara. Also interesting is a Harvey Loomis is listed at 79 Franklin which was Horatio's previous home address. In 1855 Horatio is now listed as a Physician at 79 Franklin (No listing for Harvey, however) In 1858 Horatio Loomis is still practicing medicine at 79 Franklin and Harvey Loomis is also listed at this address as home residence. This same listing goes up into the 1860's and in 1866 Harvey Loomis is no longer listed. In 1870 Horatio Loomis is still listed as an M.D. at 115 Franklin St. (I did not persue any further) Since the green color of this bottle is strikingly similar to many known bottles the Lockport and Lancaster Glass Works produced, and Loomis was a Physician in Buffalo thru-out the pontiled era - it is possible this could be a Buffalo, N.Y. medicine. Further research will have to be done to confirm my suspicions. Advertisement in the 1847 Buffalo Morning Express. In 1844 Parker & Stebbins are listed as druggists at 117 Main Street (see ad below). In 1847 Ralzemond Parker moved from 117 MAin Street to 135 Main Street and dissolved his partnership.

RAMSDELL'S VERMIFUGE Advertisement in city directory 1848-49. ALEXANDER G. RAMSDELL is first listed as a druggist in 1842 at 306 Main Street. In 1844 he had a 1/2 page ad in the Buffalo City Directory. In 1847 he moved to Commercial Street. By 1849 he is listed as out of business. Bottle at the left is a Ramsdale's?? Liniment.

JACKSON'S CELEBRATED MESMERIC LINIMENT Advertisement in 1852 Buffalo Morning Express. (ROBER JACKSON) Jackson & Farr - listed in 1844 directory as druggists at 398 Main Street. His business continued at the same address until 1858. There is no 1859 listing for this drug store. NOTE: No real evidence that this product belonged to this drug store.

GRAY'S PAIN KILLER Advertisement in the 1852 Buffalo Morning Express. PATRICK W. GRAY is listed in the 1847 directory and 1848 directory as an Homeopathist Doctor at 2 East Seneca. E.P. GRAY is listed in the 1858 directory as M.D. Physician at 6 West Swan Street. NOTE: No direct evidence connecting either man to the advertised product.

SKINNER'S CELEBRATED RHEUMATIC MIXTURE Advertisement in 1851 Buffalo Morning Express. No 1848 listing for a Skinner having to do with a medicinal product. The 1850-51 directory lists a H.C. Skinner - M.D. with his business over Packetts Dock and his home at 168 East Seneca. In 1852 directory he is listed as practicing his business at Huffs Hotel. NOTE: No direct evidence connecting the product to this individual.

PROF. H. ANDERSON - (Anderson's Dermador) No known information - no directory listing. No ads in 1844-48 papers. Pontiled Colors - aqua, ice blue, Lockport green 4" x 2" knob top or collar. Variant - 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" - flared lip. Later became a product of D. Ramson of Buffalo. This product was originally produced by Professor H. Anderson of Syracuse, N.Y. It was later to become a product of D. Ransom, but exactly how Ransom came about acquiring the rights to this product was unknown. Depending on how early David Ransom started in business, it's possible the pontiled bottle could have been sold out of Buffalo, N.Y.

A. TRASK'S MAGNETIC OINTMENT The rights of this product were acquired from S. Bull ( a proprietary medicine agent in New York state) by Ransom and Stevens Druggists of Buffalo, N.Y. sometime in the late 1850's or early 1860's. Aqua - open pontil - size 2 3/8" x 1 1/4". Variant - 3" x 1 1/4".