Hi my name is Evan I found this old bottle in an old outhouse. I have been told it was made before 1850 because of the pontil. besides that I know nothing. I would like to find out everything I can about it including value. Description. The neck is pressed in, has a pontil, there is embossing that reads D F on the front, the lines up the sides do not carry up the neck, it is clear but when held to the light you get a kind of look like oil in water, it is in great shape, and there are bubbles in the glass. please don't leave anything out if you know anything about this bottle.


Hey Evan, looks like you found a nice pontiled flask.  The unusual thing is the embossed DF lettering which I am unable to identify. Given that I do not know the area of the country in which you found the item, I am even less likely to be able to be much help.  The value of the bottle is probably right around $100.