Kellogg Whiskey

Hello there.

I have a collection of bottles my mother left me after her passing. She and a friend were diggers from way back. I was told that this bottle had some value. Most of my bottles have dates on them, this one doesn't.

The front of the bottle says, Kellogg's, Nelson County, Extra, Kentucky Bourbon, Whiskey, W.L.CO. Sole Agents. On the back I hope you'll be able to see it as it's hard to explain. On the bottom is, 64 and under it is a C. Hope this helps. Thank you

Your bottle is one of those Western whiskies which was probably made in Germany for the Western market.  Your bottle dates after 1894 - because it has the W.L. Co. and not W. & Co., which began in business about 1861 but upon the death of Mr. Wilmerding, and it became the Wilmerding Loewe Co. Inc. It last from 1894-1918 which is the time frame of your bottle.
 ack in 1977 - only 10 were known today many more have been found since then. The earlier bottles of course are more valuable.  This bottle, being a tooled top whiskey (versus a globby top) probably should sell between $500 and 1500 dollars.  Current weakness in the market might lower that amount .to the $250 range.