I have this Palisades Man'f'g Co Yonkers NY Brown Bottle with label of Hemaboloids Arsenated with strichnine; and I cannot find it anywhere on the internet. I saw one comment by a chap who had a green one, but no details. I also know that this company also existed in Toronto, Canada. do you have any information about this bottle? Thank you



Judging from the picture your bottle dates around 1915.  Earlier variants of this bottle were embossed on the sides with the name "Hemaboloids". While neither of the bottles is particularly valuable ($15-20). They are an excellent examples of the change  in the patent medicine industry which occurred around the turn of the century.

At that time, tremendous technical and scientific strides were being made in all aspects of society. Modern ideas were espoused over the Victorian norm. A wave of criticism of the patent medicine inHemaboloid bottledustry was building toward the eventual passage of the Food and Drug act of 1906 and the medical association was building its case against proprietary medicines. A few clairvoyant companies began marketing remedies unlike their 19th century predecessors. Now it was a dollop of scientific research subtly blended with snake oil . These new medicines had pseudo-scientific sounding names like: Lactopeptine, Borolyptol, Chloropepsin, Procratine, Glycolptol Glyco-thymoline, and Herbicide. It was a new ruse to sell an old idea.


The Palisades Manufacturing Company sold three major medicines:

Kola Cardinette - described as a cordial of kola with cereal phosphates, for heart palpitations, melancholy, constipation, neuralgia, rheumatic muscular pains, nervous dyspepsia, depressed nervous function.(1896). Also for atonic dyspepsia, accompanied by loss of appetite, chronic diarrhoea and bodily weakness with more or less mental depression. Asthenic or Adynamic conditions, following acute disease, Protracted Convalescence, Cachectic Conditions. Neurasthenia, or Nervous Exhaustion, Insomnia, "Brain Fag", in which the nervous forces are depressed and mental vigor impaired.

In the aged and infirm, or in Invalidism, when it is important that any stimulating effect should not ibe followed by depression. The beneficial effects of Kola in toning up and strengthening the vocal organs has* long been recognized. For this reason Kola-Cardinette is of value to counteract nervous strain and physical exhaustion entailed by singing, public speaking, etc.(1909)

Borolyptol - was touted as a specific for Pruritus (itching) of various types, Purulent otitis media (ear infection and wax in the ear) and a dressing for acne and facial eruptions. As a wet dressing in minor surgical work, burns, dermatitis, toxic mechanical or solar, bites or stings of insects, urticaria, pruritus, venereal sores, indolent ulcers, eczema—also for scarlet fever, measles, and especially smallpox. As an irrigating fluid for stomach, bowel, bladder, urethra, vagina, old sinuses or abscess cavities. As a nasal douche or spray (in isotonic solution) for cleansing and antiseptic purposes in coryza, rhinitis, hay fever, dust infections or irritation. As a spray, gargle or mouth wash in tonsillitis, diphtheria, phthisis, typhoid fever, etc., both for patient and prophylactic use by nurse and physician. Borolyptol is admirably adopted for daily use as a prophylactic dentifrice or mouth wash.

Hemaboloids - (in liquid or tablet form) was a concentrated solution of iron-bearing nucleo-proteids, extracted from iron-rich vegetables, lentils, spinach, etc. Hemaboloids, Arseniated (with Strychnia) was for adynamia (lack of strength or vigor due to a pathological condition) following La Grippe or severe colds, anemia that follows the exanthemata (a skin eruption or rash occurring in certain infectious diseases, as measles), incipient phthisis (consumption or tuberculosis), in chorea and diavitis (neurodegenerative genetic disorder, which affects muscle coordination), and even for malarial infection. "Arsenic is of great service in the treatment of intermittent fever. Under certain conditions it is superior to quinine. The exact conditions under which the superiority of arsenic to quinine, or the reverse, is evinced, have not been thoroughly cleared up...."

 Hemaboloids-Arseniated (with Strychnia) should be used in all cases of severe anemia of any form. The fact that cases fail to respond to ordinary iron or arsenic medication does not contra-indicate its use, as this special combination often produces results in obstinate cases that resist all ordinary medication, due not only to the natural character of the drug elements but to the contained nutrient and reconstructive agents.

embossed hemaboloids bottle

Anyone familiar the with advertising literature of the older patent medicines will recognize the change in language: not only were the medicines "modern" but so too were the descriptions of the diseases; the disease names replaced by scientific terms for the same diseases had a clinical ring. To add to their authenticity and increase the credibility of these claims, numerous articles in nascent medical journals appeared in which the medicines were "scientifically tested".

Hemaboloids in Neurasthenia.
From The Medical Summary
A Monthly Journal of Practical Medicine, New preparations Etc.
March 1901

When administering a remedy towards which he feels a strong partiality before he even puts it to this clinical trial and and test, should highly favorable results apparently follow, the element of coincidence may be more predominating than the preconception of the practitioner might permit him to recognize or his conceit allow him to confess.

We are led to say this for the reason that so many remedies are brought forward pronounced as favorable in their action in the disordered condition of the nervous system we call neurasthenia, that intractable disorder into which the patient is racked by harassing demands of our present way of living more often than from purely or immediately pathological causes.

The history of a case in which these strictures do not hold good and in which the best results followed the use of Hemaboloids, the usual course of treatment having failed, is given by Dr. Isaac Mayhugh, in the Denver Medical Times. It is an interesting case and may be studied with profit. We direct the reader to that journal for the article complete.


Bottle Embossed 'Hemaboloids' (in script) circa 1890s

Such research borders on paid advertising. The patent medicine testimonials so prevalent in the 19th century were replaced with this more sophisticated form of endorsement. Although in many cases, the similarities to medicinal almanacs were striking in their testimonial like character such as in the illustration below taken from the "Doctor's Factotum":

Doctors Factotum

Apparently it was not enough to get scholarly articles published periodically so three New York companies banded together to create their own medical journal called the "Doctors Factotum".  The New York Pharmacal Association, The Arlington Chemical company and the Palisade Manufacturing Company jointly published the "Doctor's Factotum",  a journal (of advertising) published in the interest of the "physiological chemistry, dietetics, etc" and to promote the preparations manufactured by these companies: Lactopeptine Borolyptol, Hemaboloids, Phosphagon, Cascara-Peptonoids, Liquid Peptonoids and Iodo-Peptonoids.

The journal contained the latest in "scientific research" relating to the products being pushed and included lighter reading such as short stories, jokes and poems directed at physicians and drawn from a wide variety of newspapers, magazines such as Life magazine and the Saturday Evening Post as well as other medical journals from this country and abroad.

Excerpts from the lighter side of

The Doctors Factotum, July 1906


"A New York specialist got, on a certain morning, the card of one of the richest of our Western millionaires. He went down instantly and found a well-dressed man, who said:

" 'I am here, sir, on a delicate and painful matter. My wife is a victim of kleptomania, and, knowing your skill in mental diseases. I have brought her on for treatment under you.'

" 'Bring the lady to see me to-morrow morning,' said the physician.

"'It will be best, not to bring her to your office,' faltered the millionaire. "The sight of other patients might excite her. I suggest '

"'I'll receive her in my drawing room. Will that be better?" asked the physician.

'"Oh, much better,' said the other, in a relieved tone.

"And the next day the Western millionaire led into the physician's drawing-room a young woman of singular beauty. She was magnificently dressed, but her eyes were furtive and restless, and when she thought no one was looking at her, she secreted under her coat three or four valuable ornaments. The physician and the Westerner smiled slightly at one another.

"The physician, after his examination of the patient, told the husband to return the next day alone.

" 'And when I come,' the husband answered, 'I'll bring back these things that she has taken.'

" 'Do,' said the physician.

"'I will,' said the Westerner.

"But he didn't. He won't He and his wife are thieves, and they have worked their kleptomania dodge in nearly every city in America."


I sat within the stillness
Of the Doctor's waiting room, And leaned my aching head upon my hand;
And could not help but listen To the whispered words of gloom That passed among that weary, waiting band.

Near me a little woman
With a sad, resigned face, Was telling to her neighbor, with a sigh,
She guessed her nerves were hopeless
And life wasn't worth the race, And now the only thing left, was to die.

"My appetite's no better,"
Said another suffering one, "And I've been coming here two weeks to-day." Another said 'twas three months Since the treatment he begun, And still he coughed his very lungs away.

The next one's heart was failing,
Another's kidney floated—
The woman with the rheumatism groaned;
The fat man told his symptoms And rubbed his stomach bloated—
Lugubriously the jaundiced patient moaned.

The lady with lumbago
And dyspepsia told her tale,
The hyper-acid man made known his woe;
Till dazed and quite bewildered
I just wondered what avail
Could be a doctor, so I rose to go.

I pressed my throbbing forehead
And I wiped my tortured nose,
While pains shot through my frame from toe to hip;
"And, sir, what is your ailment?"
Some one asked as I arose,
I sighed and said, "I only have the grip.


The Doctors Factotum was the repackaging of the patent medicine almanacs of earlier times in a new modern form, a form that would help them fly under the radar of the newly formed FDA that was vigorously enforcing stricter laws concerning the sale  and labeling of proprietary medicines. With their modern names and fledgling research they gave the appearance greater efficacy in a new era of medical advertising and raised the standards and stakes for companies still peddling their old fashion kidney liver cures and catarrh remedies.


A Wooden Packing Crate from the Palisade Manf. Co.