Antique Bottle Appraisal Stories
Digger Odell Publications 2010

What's my bottle worth?  This is perhaps the most common question I get from people about bottles handed down through the family or ones they come across by digging for bottles buying a bottle at an antique shop, yard sale, auction or thrift shop,  While the value is important, the real value is often the history behind the object. Every bottle has a context and a history.  Outside of that context they simply bottles.  Despite our wanting to know, the history of many bottles still remains a mystery. Here are a few of the stories behind the hundreds of bottle appraisals I have done in the last dozen years. 


Bloomingdale Bottle Corks and Cork Presses Ground glass Stoppers Kellogg Bottle
 Lyric Prescription Dug in New Orleans Pontil Age Flask Radam's Microbe Killer
S. N. Pike's Magnolia Hemaboloids Chapoteaut

Russak's 'Iwan' 

Crigler & Crigler Felton & Co.
New England
McMullen White Label

Bergner & Engel Brewery

Coon Hollow Whiskey