Chapoteaut Pepsin Wine

Hello Digger,
I picked up a bottle recently at my local junque shop.  It was full of dirt and obviously a dug bottle.  In Colorado Springs where I live, I'm used to finding bottles 1870's 1880's like this that have turned up during home renovations, etc.   I've researched through all my books, and online, but with little success.  I've included a couple of photos, but will also describe to best of ability.

Bottle is BIM, seam ends about 1" above shoulder.  Colour clear, lip is applied collar.  Smooth base with slight skirt.  Bottle is 8" tall.  Embossed in slight arch   CHAPOTEAUT  .  Condition:  two obvious air bubbles in neck; one bubble between the T and E of  Chapoteaut, all unbroken and internal.  Sadly a chip to rim, left side basically aligned with seam. 

My best guess is maybe a mineral water bottle, but I have found reference to a French pharmaceutical company dating approximately 1888, but their bottles have embossed  "Chapoteaut Paris".  Seeking any info on manufacturer, rarity, value, etc.

Thanks in advance for your efforts.





RIGAUD & CHAPOTEAUT, (Late Grimault et Cie.) were manufacturing Chemists in  Paris. They produced a number of products, mostly medicines with pseudo-scientific sounding names like: Santal Midy, made from sandal-wood and for acute gonorrhoea, Apioline, made from parsley for painful menstruation and a whole line of digestive nutritive restoratives - beef juice and extract of sheep's stomach - yummy!  All of their products were imported into the United States by Fougera & Co. of New York.

I am going with their Peptone Wine ( 1886-1900), a tonic for invalids as the most likely identity for your bottle. It was sold for $1 in pint bottles. Value is probably $8-10