This is one of several category for which there is no comprehensive listing of bottles.  Thousands and thousands of soda bottles have been bottled since the first bottlers in Philadelphia in the early-19th century. There are simply too many to catalog into book form.  Several Bottle clubs (Ohio and Baltimore) have begun the process of local or state bottles. The various collecting categories include:


Pontil Era Sodas- 1840-1857


Smooth Base non machine made sodas 1858-1910

          Squats- 1860-1875

          Hutchinsons- 1879-1920

          Blob Tops- 1870-1910

          Hand tooled Crown tops 1892-1915


Machine Made Embossed sodas- 1892-present time

          Early machine embossed sodas 1892-1932

          Applied Color Label Sodas 1932-present



This web site does not attempt to price Coke bottles, Pepsi bottle, Mountain Dew bottles and other modern (since 1930) collectibles.  There are lots of good early Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola bottles from the Hutchinson soda and early machine made era.  The oldest bring the highest prices often $500-1000 or more for certain rare examples or rare cities.


This site focuses more on the older soda bottles and those will be addressed here.  Pontil age soda bottles in color were made in many cities in the country.  Colored examples have been dug in San Francisco and other Western areas transported there during the Gold Rush of 1849.  Major Cities East of the Mississippi including St, Louis and New Orleans have numerous colored examples almost all of which sell for $100 or more.  The best examples of colored sodas can bring $5000-$12000  for scarce forms and rare colors. New York and Pennsylvania have the majority of colored soda bottles from the early period.

Pontil Age Colored Soda Bottles often bring the most money.

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Open Pontil sodas are extremely rare and valuable colored or otherwise

Big flavor Soda bottles with iron pontils sell in the thousands of dollars


Cobalt Iron pontil sided sodas bring premium prices

Smooth based soda will sell for several hundred

Some torpedo are pontiled-but they are rare.


  Colored smooth base sodas  bring less than their colored pontiled cousins but still get prices in the $100-500 range. 


Among the most popular are the torpedo colored sodas like these.


Smooth based large colored root beer bottle sold for more than $1500

Smooth base cobalt bottles will bring several hundred dollars.

Sided Colored and smooth base


Colored Hutchinsons and some from certain states for which few examples exist can bring in excess of $1000, but most colored examples sell in the $300-800 range.



Most colored Hutchisons are scarce


Blob top sodas in color will bring over $100.  Those in aqua may not sell for more than a few dollars a piece. 


Colored blob top sodas will bring $100-200

Aqua sodas generally do not bring the big bucks.  Even some pontil examples sell for under $100.


Crown Top Sodas

unless colored will not bring more than a few dollars.  Exceptions to this are common because some times local collectors will pay huge sums for local bottles which if offered nationally would not even get a bid.

Crown top non-machine made sodas in colors can bring several hundred dollars.


 There is little market for the early machine made embossed sodas which do not have one of the famous names embossed. The exception is the Art Deco Sodas which have recently gotten attention from collectors.  More popular in the modern bottles are the ACLs Applied Colored Label Bottles with thousands of variants and with highly graphic labels



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