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Until the Crown top was invented in 1892, soda bottles had a wide variety of types of closures.  Hundreds of different types of stoppers were patented but few of them were adopted for wide use in the industry. Early sodas were stopped with various arrangements of cork and wire bales.  The presence of a large blob top lip on 19th century sodas bottles not only strengthened the lip but was the place for the wire to be secured.  
The standardization of stoppers began with the Hutchinson stopper which dominated the soda industry in the late 19th century.  Around 1900 systemic change began in the evolution of the soda bottle and stopper. By the end of the First World War the bottles had changed from aqua, at the time referred to as "green glass," to clear glass and the Crown top, still used today, became the universal stopper.  Below are some of the turn of the century patents for various types of soda bottles, seltzers and stoppers

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soda93.gif (79594 bytes)
1893 blob soda type

siphon95.gif (96488 bytes)
1895 Siphon

closure96.gif (111332 bytes)
1896 Closure

soda01.gif (69925 bytes)
1901 Soda

siphon02.gif (105286 bytes)
1902 Siphon

sodainsidescrtop02.gif (67164 bytes)
Inside Thread 1902

soda06.gif (42843 bytes)
1906 Soda

siphon08.gif (36611 bytes)
1908 Siphon

codd08.gif (94606 bytes)
1908 Codd Marble Stopper


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