As the 20th century drew closer, companies  redesigned the containers for their products. Proprietors and bottle manufacturers continued to create variations on classic designs.  Form became the clue to function as embossing became less common.  Medicine bottle manufacturers of  earlier eras left a legacy of designs and forms of great beauty and variety.  Like their later counterparts, these early containers mirrored the society that created them.  Each was unique - an individual creation.  These early bottles were appropriate for a pioneer society.  Their crudity beckoned to the days of the log cabin when everything was hand-made. The "modern" bottle was far less exciting, less individual and reflected the changes in American society.  The industrial age was in full swing.  Production and uniformity became the goals.  The bottles below fall at the very end of the hand-tooled era.  Glass blowers began forming unions in response to the threat of mechanization.  While medicine, food and beverage manufacturers demanded not only greater numbers and better quality containers but demanded them in clear glass which would display their products better. The common "green glass" so long the medium of choice had within the span of a few short years nearly disappeared.  Things were changing.

prescrptnb08.gif (71598 bytes)
1908 Prescription

dental08.gif (75493 bytes)
1908 Dental Bottle

prescrptn08.gif (65350 bytes)
1908 Prescription

prescrptn07.gif (76272 bytes)
1907 Prescription

medinhaler06.gif (79875 bytes)
1906 Inhaler

prescript03.gif (88973 bytes)
1903 Prescription

prescriwheat03.gif (94723 bytes)
1903 Wheaton Prescription

med01.gif (75728 bytes)
1901 Medicine

med00.gif (82124 bytes)
1900 medicine

prescptn00.gif (40996 bytes)
1900 Prescription


prescrptna00.gif (97436 bytes)
1900 Prescription


medb99.gif (89277 bytes)
1899 Medicine

meda99.gif (86343 bytes)
1899 Medicine

medmuny98.gif (92852 bytes)
1898 Munyon's Inhaler

prescrptntatum98.gif (83401 bytes)
1898 Whitall-Tatum Prescription

vinol98.gif (70119 bytes)
1898 Vinol


tatum97.gif (86693 bytes)
1897 Whitall -Tatum

prescrptnc96.gif (82181 bytes)
1896 Prescription

medb96.gif (88125 bytes)
1896 Medicine

medec96.gif (67735 bytes)
1896 Prescription

druga95.gif (69231 bytes)
1895 Druggist

drug95.gif (80749 bytes)
1895 Druggist

medlaxol94.gif (84409 bytes)
1894 Laxol

tatuma94.gif (79312 bytes)
1894 Whitall -Tatum

medcitrate93.gif (83569 bytes)
1893 Citrate Magnesia

medfahrney93.gif (65123 bytes)
1893 Dr. Fahrney

tatum93.gif (84039 bytes)
1893 Whitall -Tatum


tatum92.gif (113179 bytes)
1892 Whitall - Tatum

med92.gif (86439 bytes)
1892 Medicine