Ink bottles have long been a favorite of collectors.  they come in a wide range of colors and shapes with prices to fit all budgets.  Finding unlisted ink bottles is still possible.

Albert's Ink was probably a 
Pittsburgh concern.


This unlisted ink just came to light from an Ebay seller and brought big dollars as collectors fought over this unique item. 

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Here is a sample of some turn of the century ink design patents.  Click on the thumbnails to view a larger picture.

inka92.gif (95767 bytes)
1892 Ink

inkloco95.gif (64584 bytes)
Locomotive Ink

ink96.gif (102980 bytes)
1896 Ink

mucilage97.gif (91293 bytes)
1897 Mucilage

inka98.gif (78881 bytes)
1898 Ink

ink99.gif (85386 bytes)
1899 Carter's

paste01.gif (89017 bytes)
1901 Paste Jar

inksq03.gif (82098 bytes)
1903 Ink

ink03.gif (93959 bytes)
1903 Carter's Cone

ink08.gif (104118 bytes)

1908 Ink Attachment