Look at the Bottles

October 30, 2008

Wow, my head is spinning from the volume of political noise that pervades all forms of media. Despite the economic crisis and which of the two men running will be president. Life goes on. You'd think that this was the end of the world if so and so were elected. What everyone needs is a break. Sometimes difficult problems and difficult circumstances drain so much of our energy and interest that life takes on a dull shade of gray. Today is a good day to simply stop and look at the bottles (as opposed to smell the roses).

We all have bottles in our lives in some form or another. Bottles are our diversion our refuge, a source of pleasure and distraction to which mankind has always been drawn. Whether it be music, art, dance bottle collecting, sports or reading it is nourishing to the soul if done in proper balance with the rest of one's life. It is no less important than other aspects of our existence that we take some down time in which we transcend our daily struggles. I do not mean this in any spiritual or religious sense but merely for our own private pleasure.

The woman reading a romance novel, the man cheering his favorite quarterback, the musician playing, the dancer dancing and the digger digging help turn down volume of noise in our spirits. So take a break today.  If you're unemployed, under-employed, over-employed, re-employed, retired or happily employed,  stop for a minute and look at the bottles.