December 25, 2008

“Merry Christmas” words we use today that were also used by our ancestors. In America, Christmas has been celebrated since this country's birth. Although much external to our lives has changed, most of what is internal has stayed the same. Christmas is and was a time of celebration, not only of the religious meaning,  but also as a time of family celebration and renewal. A rebirth for both our eternal soul and our earth-bound existence. For both rich and poor, Christmas touches the spirit and some of this was captured in glass from Christmases past.

Victorian Christmas trees were decorated with Christmas lights designed to hold candles and light a tree in all colors imaginable. No one today would even consider joining fire with dry evergreen branches.

A Victorian Christmas Light

Human spirits were often buoyed by distilled spirits. Spirits of all types could be had in glass containers made for celebrating the holiday and the  New Year.

1890s label Under Glass Christmas Flask offers a message of rebirth.

Many Christmas flasks served double duty and wished the owner a Happy New year too.

This Christmas flasks could be used well into February and March -Good Luck Flask

 Santa was recreated in fancy figural bottles which would be enjoyed for generations to come.