November 4, 2008

It's election day. Election day always makes me thing about bottles. When bottles became popular as collectibles in the 1960s, liquor and others companies were quick to jump on the bandwagon. Thousands of commemorative bottles were produced over the next 20 years including a number of election campaign bottles. One was a Wheaton figural elephant bottle made in green for the Democratic ticket 1968 featured a picture of Humphrey. The same bottle,  in amber had a portrait of Nixon. No matter who you were for, the Wheaton Company was hoping to win.

The practice of using glass bottles as actual campaign advertising media is preserved in some historic bottles from past Presidential campaigns. Some of the best known are from the Henry Harrison campaign of 1840. Harrison gained national attention and fame for his leading troops against the Indians at the Battle of Tippecanoe. His campaign was dubbed the Log Cabin and Hard Cider Campaign and of the slogans used was "Tippecanoe and Tyler too". A number of rare and beautiful bottles were blown for this campaign.

The First presidential campaign bottle shown below is the Harrison - Tippecanoe Ink bottle. this bottles made in clear glass in the shape of a log cabin. Extremely rare, one of these bottles was recently auctioned off for $7000.00.

The second campaign bottle is the Log cabin and Hard Cider flask, also made for the Harrison campaign which features on one side a log cabin and on the other a barrel of cider. This flask, like the Harrison - Tippecanoe ink bottle is very rare. It also is a beautiful piece of early Americana any bottle collector would be proud to own.