Bottle Dreams

I supposed that I am a bit weird since instead of dreaming about typical things I am often dreaming about digging or finding bottles. These dreams are a pleasant thing for me and they are often realistic, except for the fact that in my dreams I am finding great bottles, unlike the reality of bottle digging which often ends with very little to show for the effort.

I think these dreams are triggered by unresolved issues. Issues like places where we would love to dig where we have been unable to get permission or places we started to dig but were unable to finish for one reason or another. One of these places was a early looking brick lined hole that was mostly under a parking lot of a used car dealer. We had permission to dig on the adjacent lot and about killed us that we probed this outhouse hole and we could not dig it. In other cases, we have found privies under or partially under existing buildings. Digging them would like cause substantial structural damage.

These unresolved issues swirl about in my mind during the day. When I drive by one of these sites, memories are triggered and I am gripped with an nearly irresistible desire to know what is in them. Itís these issues I think that give rise to frequent digging dream I have experienced. But what do they really mean?

According to one dream interpretation site, dreaming of seeing one or several full bottles means fun or an invitation, while empty bottles are a warning about an unpleasant event. I have to question whether these guys are on to something here. For me empty bottles are a great sign. I love empty bottles. Apparently dreaming of a broken bottle denotes bad news. No kidding!! Dreaming about a bottle of red wine is a sign of prosperity. I never dream about wine bottles so I can't say about the prosperity thing but I do know my wallet is lighter when I buy one.

Another dream interpretation site suggests that to see a bottle in your dream might mean that you are literally bottling up your feelings inside and may need a way to express them. I'd say they might be on to something here. I certain am plagued by bottled up feelings about those unresolved privy holes. They go on to say: If the bottle is empty then this may show how you've exhausted your inner resources. You may feel drained and empty inside. Tis true that after digging I feel like I have drained my resources but it is a good exhaustion and that empty feeling is probably just hunger from having eaten little during the energy sapping dig. I guess I will never know what they mean but I am looking forward to the next bottle dream about as much as I am to the next bottle dig.