September 12, 2008
For quite some time, I've wanted to make this website more interactive but my initial attempt at doing so was a disaster. I thought I'll put up a blog. So I found out how to set up a blog page and have a user form so that people could respond to what I posted. Unfortunately what I got instead of readers responses were spammers filling my mailbox with spam. So Digger's Bottle Blog came down as fast as it went up. However, the idea has never quite left my mind and I thought there are a lot of things I would like to share with people about what I know and think about old bottles, so here we go again.

So I guess my 1st blog entry will be a request for feedback about my website and what readers would like to see posted. I am certain that a number of people will suggest that I post answers to all the questions that are posted in the Questions I Get but there are simply too many questions and not enough time to answer them all. I would like to have more reader interaction outside of answering thousands of e-mail questions about Bols Ballerina bottles, not that I mind answering people's questions. In fact, I typically answer 5 to 10 people's questions every day.

So if you have some ideas about how to improve this website or some ideas about content or articles that you would like to see published please submit them .